Victor Baker Guitars

Victor Baker began playing guitar in 1980 when he stole his sister’s cheap acoustic out of her room. He also had a tendency to tear apart and reassemble every guitar he came across. In 2000, Victor started his journey into guitar making. Originally taken on purely as a hobby, Vic was floored by the art of luthiery and fell completely in love with the craft. He proceeded to read every book and publication possible in order to teach himself the trade, and was soon taking orders from local players. Since then, Vic has built over 450 custom guitars.

Vic is also an avid composer and performer, and has performed as both a leader and sideman in many of New York’s jazz clubs including the 55 Bar, Birdland, Detour, K’av’eh’az, Smalls, Cornelia St. Cafe and Visiones (sadly many of which are now defunct).

Vic recently completed a commission to build a limited “Master Builder” series of vintage D’Angelico reproductions. Using measurements and scans of vintage instruments and lots of research, he was able to recreate some of John D’Angelico’s prized archtop guitars. Unveiled at the 2016 NAMM Guitar Show, the “Master Builders” received many accolades.

Combining his professional guitar playing knowledge with his vast luthiery skills, Vic is able to make guitars that have beautiful design, great sound and playability.