John Wallace Custom Guitars

John Wallace is an artist and craftsman well versed in many mediums including painting, carving and sculpture. So it seemed natural to apply his love of art with his life long love of guitars. John’s early work won acclaim from his peers who recognized his skill level. Combining his art with a passion for precision, his designs combine classic lines and contemporary style with an emphasis on superior playability.

“You can build the worlds most beautiful guitar, but if it doesn’t feel and play as good as it looks, than what’s the point?” – JW

John believes that function and ergonomics should be paramount when designing an instrument. “When a guitar has a well thought out and executed design, the musician can truly become one with their instrument, and when that happens creative flow is inevitable.”

Each of his guitars are handcrafted from the ground up. “I use the finest timbers and hardware available for my builds. No two are exactly the same. I treat each one of my builds like it’s the last guitar I’ll ever make. My goal is to build the instruments you’ve always dreamt about owning. Something that becomes an extension of ones self. The kind instrument you just can’t put down and you want to play forever. “