Filler test

Filler is a four piece, high energy, indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio, recognizable through its dance-along bass line and soaring vocal melodies. Their music features a tight rhythm section and catchy guitar licks staying true to their indie sound. The group is composed of members, Cameron Morris (Vocals), William Ridzon (Guitar), Auden Stevenson (Drums) and Joey Greenfield (Bass). 

The year 2020 was a turning point for the group after they released their single "Piece of You" which gained them immediate attention. That same year the group released their second single “Pocket Change”. The group has been hard at work releasing music videos and preparing their new material for an upcoming album. 

The group debuted in a battle of the bands at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in 2018, qualifying for the national finals and earning enthusiastic fan support. Since then, Filler has been busy playing shows around Cleveland venues. With an electric playlist of originals, Filler draws a multi-generational fan base from college students to mature rockers who are faithful followers of this dynamic band.

In the summer of 2018, the group released their debut 6 song EP “Always Wear Comfy Jeans”. The sound of this EP was heavily influenced by early rock such as Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa.

One year later in the summer of 2019, the group recorded and released their first full length album “Sky Parlor” where they settled into their indie rock sound. This 7 track album features tracks such as “Here to Stay” and “Jewelry Thieves” which keep the energy high and slower sing-along songs such as “Feeling Great”.