Connor McRae Hammergren

"Superior design, ultimate protection, exceptional style. For my most precious metal, I use a Reunion Blues Continental Gig Bags." 

Greetings fellow earthlings!! My name is Connor McRae Hammergren. I am a drummer, percussionist, vocalist, collector of awesome t-shirts, eater of Chinese food and performer. I have been playing drums and percussion for 30 years. I am from Minnesota and am only mildly passive aggressive. I am a drum technician and percussion specialist and have worked in drum specialty business for many years before I began playing full time, and, no, unless you're Ringo I won't be your tech. I love Ringo. For the past 6 years I have proudly occupied the drum chair for the one and only Davina & The Vagabonds from Minneapolis MN. Since joining DATV in late 2010 I have toured the USA, Canada, Europe and Mexico sharing the love of Americana Roots Music. When I'm not drumming I love to spend time with my lovely wife and our Pug.

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