Bunting Guitars

Bunting Guitars is a labor of love which focuses on creating our vision of electric guitars and basses. These are passionately handcrafted by six hard-working hands, one instrument at a time, at Bunting’s rural workshop in Israel. 

Bunting Guitars was founded back in 2012 by Yaniv Loria, who worked for years on his philosophy of tonewoods, designing the Bunting line of guitars and polishing his craftsmanship.

Yaniv was later joined by Guy Shapira who brought his immense knowledge and experience as a guitar technician, guitar maker and pedal builder. Together they established our beloved home of a workshop. 

In the midst of 2021, Bunting was joined by Tai and Stav, two good friends who’ve been sharing their love for guitars for many years, playing together and working in a local guitar workshop as technicians with hundreds of guitars passing through their hands, but always craved the craft of guitar making. Once they met Yaniv and held a Bunting guitar in their hands, they were hooked.

What’s the vibe? “Be Original – Stay Classic”, that’s our motto, our goal and to us that means everything. We take what we like from the classic tradition – the craftsmanship, design, sound and feel, and add our own original spices and flavors to create something fresh – guitars that feel like they’ve always been around. When played they feel like an old friend, even right out of the box.