Reunion Blues Expands Brass Offering With RB Continental Voyager Series Single & Triple Trumpet Bags

Reunion Blues officially welcomes the arrival of RB Continental Voyager Series Single and Triple Trumpet bags. As Reunion Blues’ latest expansion in the brass market, RB Continental Voyager Trumpet bags are a perfect blend of the brands experience crafting bags for brass instruments, thoughtfully combined with the features and updates that today’s horn players demand.

Instrument protection is an important feature of any bag, but for RB Continental Voyager Single trumpet bags, protection is the heart and soul of the design. The Reunion Blues signature Flexoskeleton™ structure has been overhauled to keep instruments safer, while also reducing bulk and weight. A re-envisioned bell protection system provides even more peace of mind with comfortable suspension and enough rigidity to protect against bumps and dings. More storage in the form of a large outside pocket for accessories, and two integrated mouthpiece sleeves means everything important gets to come along for the ride. Adjustable and removable backpack straps make every journey a breeze.

The RB Continental Voyager Triple trumpet bag also received structural upgrades, offering excellent protection and ample space for three trumpets, two trumpets with mutes, or the popular trumpet and flugelhorn combo. Or, fill this bag with any other combination of horns and accessories needed - there’s room for it all! Internal padded dividers support and lock everything in place, while the included removable mouthpiece pouch keeps up to 3 mouthpieces safe and secure.

As far as style goes, RB Continental Voyager trumpet bags are in a class of their own. Super-durable Quadraweave™ exterior materials sport a modern Black Heather finish that wears well and makes a statement. Beyond looking cool, the popular Zero G™ handle has been updated as well, with an edge seam designed to extend the life of handle.

Since creating the first professionally accepted gig bags in the 1970’s, Reunion Blues has consistently maintained superior standards for quality craftsmanship. All Voyager Series Trumpet bags are constructed using industrial-grade high-tensile thread, reversed water-resistant zippers, abrasion and scuff resistant corded edges and seams, EVA backed materials, knurled abrasion grids around key exterior areas to resist scuffing, custom molded industrial strength zippers, and internally reinforced structures in key high stress areas. Best of all, Voyager bags are backed up with the peace of mind that comes from an industry leading limited lifetime warranty.

Often imitated, but never equaled, RB Continental Voyager Trumpet bags will protect your horns in style for years to come.