The Power Behind Live Streaming (Stepping Up your Online Presence—Live)

Musicians today struggle a lot with keeping fans updated as information travels at an astonishing speed. It’s true that keeping up with social networks is a daunting task, even for those who do it just for fun.

But in this day and age, we have a very powerful weapon thanks to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and Instagram—live streaming! Not only does it allow you the possibility of interacting live with your fans but also to seek out new ones by directly asking for shares and follows. For musicians, there are many options of what can be done with live streaming:

  • Merchandise Promotion
  • Live Concerts
  • Q & A’s
  • Raffles and Giveaways
  • Tour Announcements

Out of these five options, the most effective are playing live concerts and having question-and-answer sessions between songs or sets. Listening to the opinions of your fans matters greatly, especially if you really want to be a pro some day; they are your realest and best promotional tools.

Setting up live streaming is simple and most platforms offer a few click enhancements to ensure optimal streaming quality. For example, let's say you want to use Instagram's “Live” option. Before beginning your stream, you may need to do a few adjustments or enhancements, which we’ll discuss below.

  1. Phone Setting & Lighting: Set your phone in a location that allows you to be centered in the frame. Ensure that you have good light so the image is not dark and muddy looking.

  2. Microphone & Acoustics: There are simple microphone setups for your phone or tablet that can be used with an auxiliary cord. These setups not only provide a much higher sound quality but also can be connected directly to a recording device.

    As for acoustics, we strongly suggest that you choose a place where you can play loud and clear and where there is no reverb, such as in a studio. You can also use a small living room where you’re able to place yourself far enough away from any windows or doors.

  3. Generate a Buzz: Start announcing and promoting your live stream at least two to three days beforehand. Hype up your fans and tell them to share the streaming event details. Also, consider providing a small explanation of what exactly is going to happen and which songs you might play.

Live streaming is a very powerful tool as it can connect you to all of your contacts at once. Also, be sure to save the video recording so that once your stream is over, you have content material that can be uploaded to YouTube or saved for future promotion!