Finding a Legitimate Music Lawyer, Pt. 1

Any artist who starts putting out more and more material may require a lot of legal processing to protect their work from illegal use, including piracy or any form of altering to which the artist has not consented. You may choose to seek out a legal professional at this stage, but the process of finding someone that is trustworthy and reliable can be a very taxing process. As this professional will play a crucial role in the protection and success of their client, it is worth investing to find just the right person for the job.

For this new relationship to work as well as possible, you want to find someone with legal experience and generous knowledge of proper protocol. Seek out someone with whom you can build a lasting relationship, much like an agent or manager. As your new legal partner gets to know you, working together will become easier and more efficient, particularly as you communicate your specific needs and how you hope to be assisted.

Before beginning the search for a lawyer or attorney, first you need to consider what legal services you require and how this relationship could best support the future growth of your business.

Lawyer or Attorney...

Lawyer is a more general term for a person who gives legal advice and aid and who conducts suits in court. An attorney (or attorney-at-law), on the other hand, is a member of the legal profession who represents a client in court when pleading or defending a case.

The difference between these two legal professionals is minimal in terms, and both should be knowledgeable of the procedures known as entertainment laws, which pertain to clients in the entertainment and music industries. There are lawyers who specialize in this aspect called entertainment lawyers who may be preferential as they have both relevant experience and the appropriate knowledge.

As for when you may require a lawyer, whenever you sign a deal or legal document, your lawyer is there to protect, advise and properly explain the intricacies of the procedure in question. As mentioned before, he or she can also help you with the paperwork for all legal protection of your material (both online and off), merchandise, copywriting and trademarking.

Now, some lawyers enact a tactic called Deal Shopping, which we will discuss more in our next article. The prospect of deal shopping can significantly narrow your search for a layer depending on how crucial this tactic is to your business.