Collaboration Options Within the Industry

One great way to advance your career is to collaborate with other artists in and outside of your industry. This can be an effective tool for building your career, your brand, and your reach. You can be a lot more successful when working with others than working alone. Collaborations offer you the chance to expose your music to a fresh fan base, expand your network, and multiply your promotional efforts. So, what kinds of collaborations can you pursue

Team up for gigs

If there’s a band or artist in your genre that you haven’t played with before, hit them up to plan a gig together. Get as many different artists that you haven’t played with before as you can. The benefit of that is that fans of those bands who might not have heard you or seen you live will have a chance to experience your music.

Record a single together.

Reach out to an artist you admire and who is somewhat farther along on the journey to success and invite them for a guest appearance or a collaborative track with you. If you can get someone who is much more famous, great. Sometimes this can happen if they believe in your music and you approach them the right way. Definitely take risks and reach out to people who have many more fans than you. It can’t hurt. But you can also reach out to people who are on a more even playing field. Appearing on a track with you will expose them to your fans as well. You can release this track on Youtube and social media to generate a buzz about both of your bands. Even better if you make a music video!

Music Collaboration Apps.

One way to find potential collaborators is on a collaboration site like Kompoz. All kinds of musicians frequent these sites, so you’re likely to find plenty who have something of value to bring to the collaboration, including followings of their own, or sounds you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get, that can expand your brand.

Work with filmmakers.

This is the tip I find most exciting. As a musician and aspiring film-maker myself, I love the idea of working on music that has a place in a larger work of art, like a film or web series. Film-makers are always looking for music for their projects, so offer them a good deal on a collaboration, like a new composition or the use of one of your songs. Since film and TV are probably the most attention grabbing media outlets out there, this can be nothing but good for you as an artist. You can lend your tunes to YouTube clips, skating videos, art school projects, how-to videos, short films, web series’, and documentaries.


In the Youtube age, covers are all the rage. And a cover is one thing, but a cover as a collaboration with another artist or a bunch of other artists can get you a lot of extra attention, especially if it’s a very well known song with a current buzz. When a major song comes out and it’s playing everywhere, do a cover with some other artists in your genre. Sometimes this will get taken down from Youtube, and if you want to avoid that, you can seek out a license, but most covers online get left alone with no problems. Youtube even has a list of songs you’re allowed to cover, so it might not come with the same current buzz as the newest hot release, but it will still be awesome. In this case, choose a song that’s a classic. Those never go out of style.

Happy collaborating!

Guest Post by Allie Mazon