Lawrence V. White

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Lawrence V. White (bassist) is a connoisseur & lover of all music. It doesn't matter the genre--he has an appreciation for them all.

His inspiration came early in life playing in a small church. He started playing drums at 5 years old. Throughout his adolescence, he learned to play over 10 instruments. In high school he finally figured out what he was hearing all along--the bass guitar. Connecting with the right instrument ignited the passion that was already there to want to perform and record.

He’s been able to play and/or record with artist such as: Kurt Carr, Ricky Dillard, Troy Oliver, Tony Dofat, Sonix the Mad Scientist, Emmany, Ru Williams, Klokwize, DMC, Sugar Blue, George Colon, Sandoval Band, Heather DePaolo, James Chappell III, Janae Smith, The Ray of Hope Project and many more. Now, he’s recording with different artists and looking to release the first single from his album in the Fall of 2016.