Reunion Blues Celebrates - The San Francisco Giants Do It Again!

3rd Base Coach and Official Reunion Blues Guitarist Tim Flannery Goes To The World Series For The 3rd Time In 5 Years!

As the San Francisco Giants win the National League pennant and prepare to play their third World Series in the past 5 years, gig bag and instrument case maker Reunion Blues takes a moment to celebrate their home team.

With third base coach Tim Flannery, frontman of the popular bay area band Tim Flannery And The Lunatic Fringe officially in the brands family of artist endorsers, Reunion Blues has a lot of love and support for the Giants. At Tuesday’s Game, Tim “Flan” Flannery sang the National Anthem alongside fellow musicians Phil Lesh and Bob Weir of the legendary Grateful Dead - a testament to Tim’s talent both on the field and on the stage. 

A pivotal part of what Giants president Larry Baer calls “The golden age of Giants baseball”, Tim Flannery has shown what can only be called a sixth sense this season. It was Flannery who dreamt that Michael Morse would hit a 2 run homer in Thursday’s game - and he wasn’t far off. It was a solo shot in the 8th inning, that tied the game and set up the dramatic win. Down to earth as always, Tim said “It’s just a great bunch of guys that have come together and there’s something magical that happens in this clubhouse”. 

Whatever it is, Reunion Blues is ready to cheer the San Francisco Giants on in their third World Series, and are with the team all the way!