RB Continental Violin Case

Reunion Blues Issues First-Class Heavyweight Violin Case

Combining contemporary design with thoughtful functionality, the long-awaited Reunion Blues RB Continental violin case is now available through authorized RB Continental retailers.  
This exquisite new case is built on a heavyweight foundation of shock-absorbing Flexoskeleton'walls lined with reinforced impact panels designed to protect the instrument from the constant rigors of the road.  
On the inside, an intelligently-designed multilayer foam suspension system gently but firmly cradles the violin, while an adjustable locking strap helps prevent movement when the case is bumped or even dropped. A deluxe removable hygrometer and two patent-pending slip-lock bow holders are also featured'with everything nestled under a quilted 'double helix'velvet blanket.  

All RB Continental instrument cases are covered with a Ballistic Quadraweave'fabric and reinforced with tough corded edges. All seams are double-stitched with high-tensile thread and reinforced at tested stress points. A Zero-G palm-contoured handle offers the ultimate in first-class carrying comfort.  
Additionally, a padded 'subway handle'allows the case to be securely held in a vertical position to help ease the way through a crowded subway or a just a tight squeeze.  

Storage options are plentiful, as the case includes a zippered, reinforced exterior multi-pocket that provides plenty of room for accessories, including a handy cell phone compartment strategically located for fast and easy access. A large exterior 'quick-stash'accessory pocket and a small interior storage compartment help organize small items like keys, pens, rosin and spare change.  

Reunion Blues RB Continental cases feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  

Model RBC44