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Skjold Design Guitars

Skjold Design Guitars is a premier bass guitar company run by independant luthier Pete Skjold. Each bass is produced by hand by Pete Skjold himself. The customer's input is a vital element to the creations that come out of the small shop in Warsaw Ohio, USA. Pete's experience with the bass goes back to 1988 and he spent almost twenty years a a pro player in many different musical situations. His experience playing the bass has helped set him apart when it comes to delivering what his customers need from a professional bass guitar. Pete designed his first bass in 1992 and had it made by Chris Pearne. By 1996 Pete was intent on building basses for other top players in the Las Vegas area and beyond. By 2003 Pete was in Dallas Texas working full-time building the basses that have become what they are today. Many professional bassist rely soley on their Skjold bass for the best playabilty, tone and custom features that make every bass a unique masterpiece. Players Like Damian Erskine and David Dyson have been playing signature models for many years now. Currently Pete builds about 35 basses a year for customers who want the best their money can buy. If you are wanting a bass like no other you encouraged to check out Skjold Design Guitars and see what Pete has to offer. 


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