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Muckelroy Basses

The goal with Muckelroy bass is simple one; craft a tool of inspiration that will be stable, roadworthy, and full of tone. Having owned and modified high-end basses such as Bee, Alembic, Carvin, Zon and American Fenders - and worked on many more - I bring an understanding of various preamps & controls, pickups and boutique construction techniques to each build and can tailor my design to your needs. 

Most of my builds are neck-through construction, through set and bolt-ons happen too. All are equal to anything coming out of custom boutique workshops on either coast. I'm happy to talk with you anytime, answer any questions, help you dream up a bass and provide you with a personal build price quote.

I Hold each build - and myself - to the highest standards. I will put every bit of heart and soul I have into your instrument and see to it that you are completely satisfied. I won't sleep until you LOVE your Bass!



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