Letter from a young & aspiring Reunion Blues artist!

Official Reunion Blues artist Dana Johnson gave his cousin a Reunion Blues RB Continental Voyager series case. Now he carries his new bass to music class in style and he couldn’t be more excited!

Here’s the letter he sent to us:

RB Continental Voyager - Aspiring BassistDear Reunion Blues,

My name is Tipkins Hood and I am writing to THANK YOU for my Reunion Blues Continental Voyager Electric Bass case!!

Dana “Big Dane” Johnson is my cousin.

I am 14 years old and I’ve played bass for three and a half years. I play the electric bass and the upright bass. I also belong to a music conservatory program called Young Musicians Choral Orchestra in Berkeley, California. I carry my instruments with me 4-5 days per week.

For my 14th birthday, I received a Fender Precision bass. It came with a huge hard case that was way too big to lug around. I bought another backpack case thinking it would be a better option. I quickly found this case to be a disaster–it wasn’t protective enough and the straps so thin I developed a rash under both arms! To my surprise, I received the Continental case in the mail to me from you guys. I LOVE my RB Continental Voyager case so much because it is very protective but not huge, it’s also very comfortable–no more rashes! I have walked over 3 miles carrying on my back with no pain. I have received lots of attention with my case. It is perfect for daily use and for travel. I know my bass is safe!

Thank you again for providing me with the best bass case I have ever used! I am so grateful to have it,


Tipkins “Rocks” Hood

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