Rock Hendricks raves Reunion Blues Gig Bags

Dear Fellow Musicians,

My name is Rock Hendricks, and I’ve had a fantastic career playing sax, recording and touring with some of the biggest names in the industry – from Lydia Pense and Cold BloodMotown Records, The Jacksons, Marvin Gaye, Bobby Womack to currently with Paul Hardcastle and The Jazzmasters. My current solo album “Can’t Let Go ” has just been released on Trippin N Rhythm Records / Sony, and is currently the #1 top smooth jazz album on iTunes.

I’ve used Reunion Blues Sax and Guitar gig bags since day one. These gig bags and cases are beautifully crafted with top quality materials, and of the 5 bags that I have, the only one that was ever ruined was one I left in the closet, that the cat decided to use as a scratching post!

Reunion Blues gig bags have ample padding for instrument protection and big pockets for accessories. The zippers never break, the handles and straps never break, and the quality is as good as it gets! No problem as a carry-on at the airport, and with no hard, bulky shell, these bags are lightweight and slim.


No saxophone in the world can take a hard jolt or serious fall, whether in a hard case or soft case, but Reunion Blues sax cases offer the best protection you can get. With Sax repair costs skyrocketing, having the best made sax or guitar case is a worthwhile investment, for any instrument you want to own for the rest of your life.

Beyond gig bags and cases, the new RBXS Saxophone stands by Reunion Blues are once again a testament to this brand’s dedication to design innovation. My model RBXS-ASP includes a universal side peg to hold either a soprano sax, flute or clarinet alongside my alto sax – what a great feature! These sax stands are dependable, top quality, and a giant step up from other stands I’ve used.

Thank you Reunion Blues, for welcoming me into your family of such diverse and distinguished artists!

-Rock Hendricks

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