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One of the main things I was seeking at NAMM in Anaheim this year was a new slim, lightweight bass bag/case to travel with. When I first saw the Reunion Blues Aero cases at NAMM in Anaheim the first thing that attracted me to them was the sleek, slim design. As a professional touring bassist I am always looking for the next great “SLIM” lightweight bass bag to carry on planes that can also fit under the tour bus, (which usually means needing added protection) if room is required up top and my bass must travel underneath or in the trailer. Upon further scrutiny I really like the overall design, feel and great workmanship of the Reunion Blues Aero series bass case. I was very impressed, but expected no less from a company such as Reunion Blues. Michelle from Ace Products/Reunion Blues was happy to allow me to inspect the bag and was very helpful (thanks Michelle)!!

This case is indeed lightweight and the industrial strength zippers (which can and will wear out over time if they aren’t good quality) are very high quality, smooth and heavy duty. When opening the case the beautiful RED quilted velvet lining is more than sufficient for the pickiest of players and you can be rest assured your most prized bass will be very comfortable, not to mention SAFE in this case!

The interior neck brace with locking velcro strap is a superbly added feature to this killer case and ensures your bass stays tightly in place during travel. The (gel feeling) Zero-G ergonomic handle feels amazing in your hand…the case is very well balanced and super easy to carry, and again did I mention lightweight?

The backpack straps are nicely tucked away until you need them so they aren’t constantly getting caught on airline seats or anything at all when trying to maneuver your way onto a plane or tight space. The fact that you can tuck the straps away when not needed was a well thought out feature!

If you are seeking a lightweight, slim, very well designed bass bag/case I strongly urge you to consider a Reunion Blues Aero bass case. This case is guaranteed to outperform any other brand on the market today. On a scale of 1-10 I personally give the Reunion Blues Aero a strong 10 + … if you are a traveling bassist on any level this case will suit your every need! Get yours today you won’t be sorry!

-Dave Fowler

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  1. Hi I just bought a Reunion Blues AERO-E1 Bag for my custom guitar that I will be touring with 3months in Europe. I feel this bag will make the stress of travel with the Guitar less. I have used other quality bags that are still bulky and this Bag is very slim and stronger padding than other carry-on travel bags. Check them out.
    David Howard
    Professor / Guitarist / Composer /Arranger
    Contemporary Writing and Production Department
    Berklee College of Music

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