AAron Rossi

"Reunion Blues Gig Bags are not only stylish and chic, they're also the most durable cases made with the best materials in the World!! While touring with MINISTRY, we're constantly flying from sh...Read More

Alex Ryan

"As soon as I was introduced to the RB Continental case, I knew I had to have one. It's pretty amazing that a case can be that lightweight yet so protective. The neck rests in a cavity that allows for...Read More

Alison Brown

"Reunion Blues is very much part of the company I keep." Alison Brown has achieved success in many areas: a Harvard graduate, record label co-founder and owner, mother, and, the role that most people...Read More

Andres Rotmistrovsky

"I will travel always in peace knowing that my bass is totally protected!" Andres Rotmistrovsky is a rising star who is in demand. His bass guitar is heard on more than 50 albums and he has...Read More

Andrew Zaragoza

"I choose Reunion Blues Gig Bags for their superior protection, sleek style, comfort and durability. They are by far my only choice when it comes to protecting my instruments from anything that the ro...Read More

Anima Tempo

"Reunion Blues truly are the most elegant, resistant and professional gig bags on earth.  Reunion Blues gig bags have everything you need to protect your instruments during your trips. " Initial...Read More

Anouck Andre

"With Reunion Blues, moving is not a problem anymore." Anouck Andre is a French guitarist of great talent. She started playing guitar at 16 under her father's supervision, Serge Andre, a professional...Read More

Anthony Wellington

"I've been using Reunion Blues gigbags since the 90s. Reunion Blues ALWAYS is, ALWAYS has been and will ALWAYS be the only gigbag I use." Anthony Wellington is one of the most sought after bass teach...Read More

Audley Chisholm

"I have two of the gig bags now and that's all I use!" Audley Chizzy Chisholm has played behind some of the world's most gifted musicians including Ali Woodson, Shandozia, Jerry Bell, Howard Hewett, ...Read More

Billy Kilson

"I've been using Reunion Blues since my first year at Berklee 1980 and there's no other bags that have come close to Reunion Blues." Billy is known as a drummer of the highest caliber; known as such ...Read More

Billy Williams

"Reunion Blues Cymbal Bags are the only bags that I trust to protect my most precious musical investments. They obviously have listened to the musician in identifying problematic areas that the tourin...Read More

Birds Of Chicago

"We play 200 plus shows a year .. We tramp across the continents, by land, by sea.. And we trust Reunion Blues to get our instruments safely to the next gig - no matter how rough the passage...Accept ...Read More

Blackbyrd McKnight

"AT LONG LAST !!!!!!!! A gig bag that will stand the test of time and style!!! I absolutely love my Reunion gig bag !!!!!!!!! Thank you Reunion for such a great product !!!!!!!!" Blackbyrd McKnight e...Read More

Blaise Sison

"Reunion Blues bags are the absolute best in the business! I've been using RB bags since 1985. I've had my Upright Bass bag (model # 381-59) for the last 7 years. The insulation is incredible! It keep...Read More

Brad Gillis

"I received my Reunion Blues double guitar leather gig bag a few days ago. I was amazed with the great workmanship and heavy duty zippers and stitching. With my worldwide touring of Japan and Europe a...Read More

Brandon Gan

"When it comes to guitar cases and bags, it doesn't get better than Reunion Blues. Perfect balance of good looks, functionality and protection. I've stopped looking at other cases since I bought mine ...Read More

Brian Arrowood

"Reunion Blues makes some of the finest and most durable cases to meet the needs of any musical instrument and its owner. I'd recommend one to anybody. You can't go wrong with Reunion Blues instrument...Read More

Brian Landau

“When I think of Reunion Blues, I think of quality and workmanship. From the rigors of the road to the demands of being on stage, I know my horns are always in great hands with Reunion Blues cas...Read More

Buddy Guy

George "Buddy" Guy is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and a chief guitar influence to rock titans like Hendrix, Clapton, Beck, and Vaughan. At the age of 72, he appeared on the cover of Rolling ...Read More

Burke Thomas

"I've never seen instrument cases with the durability and elegance of Reunion Blues.  I just took my Continental cymbal case and stick bag down under to the Soundwave Festival, as well as a few d...Read More

Calvin Edwards

"Reunion Blues is just like fine wine ahead of the class you dig...Thanks Reunion Blues!" "Carrying my sweet little L5 in a Reunion Blues just makes me feel good." CALVIN EDWARDS International artis...Read More

Carlitos Del Puerto

"I have finally found a case that gives me complete confidence in the protection of my instrument, and It does not hurt either that it has A VIBE AND A GREAT STYLE." Carlitos Del Puerto is already on...Read More

Carmen Vandenberg

Carmen Vandenberg is lead guitarist in london band BONES / Jeff Beck with vocalist Rosie Bones. Music by BONES has appeared on Netflix show "Orange is the new black", Amazon show "Transparent" and a V...Read More

Casey Driessen

"Luxury quality construction, ample storage space and multiple carrying options give me confidence and flexibility to deal with the demands of the road." Casey Driessen is a restless explorer, a bold...Read More

Cesar Soto

"Reunion Blues gig bag's definitely take the beating that comes along with the intense touring that Ministry is known for. The quality gives you piece of mind that your instrument will survive getting...Read More

Chad Jeffers

"Just got my bag!! HOLLLLY COW!!! Beyond my expectations!!! My guitar fits perfectly!" You wouldn't think a musician who has played behind Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood and Kenny Loggins would have m...Read More

Cheap Trick

"Rick Nielsen's Fender Esquire & Gibson Les Paul travel in their Reunion Blues dual gig bags. So comfy to carry."         "CHEAP TRICK and Reunion Blues: Around the World...Read More

Cheikh Ndoye

"Slim design, comfortable and great protective gear. I am very happy and proud to be part of the Reunion Blues Family" Once in while we experience the oncoming of an artist that in all respects seems...Read More

Chris Chaney

Born in Mill Valley, California in 1970 (home to the Grateful Dead and other prolific acts), Chris Chaney was destined to become a renowned and accomplished bass player. The Rolling Stones, Stevie Won...Read More

Chris Locke

"My Reunion Blues Continental Gig Bag is an essential part of my guitar gear - just as important as my guitar or amp. It stores everything I need, is unbelievably comfortable to carry and feels like i...Read More

Christine Wu

“I received the Reunion Blues bag yesterday and it’s really nice! Considering a scenario of carrying multiple instruments around at once especially, or putting it into a smaller car/space,...Read More

Christone Kingfish Ingram

"Reunion Blues is the way to go! I never have to worry about my axes when I travel because RB will keep them safe!" Christone “Kingfish” Ingram was born to Princess Pride Ingram and Chris...Read More

Cody Kilby

"My Reunion Blues case is perfect for all gigs. Great for carrying on if you fly a lot... A must for professional players." Growing up in Cowan, Tennessee, Cody Kilby picked up his dad's banjo at age...Read More

Cole Allen

 "Whether it's on the ground or in the air, I only let my guitars travel in Reunion Blues Gig Bags & Cases. They are hands down the best on the market!" Cole Allen, critically acclaimed solo...Read More

Connor McRae Hammergren

"Superior design, ultimate protection, exceptional style. For my most precious metal, I use a Reunion Blues Continental Gig Bags."  Greetings fellow earthlings!! My name is Connor McRae Hammer...Read More

Cory Tramontelli

“I’ve used other high-quality gig bags, but nothing has suited my needs as a working musician as well as Reunion Blues. They hold up with comfort, superior protection, and style… th...Read More


 "With Reunion Blues cases, we finally have a way of keeping our guitars confidently protected while they bounce around on the road, without the added weight and warping of traditional hard cases...Read More

Damian Erskine

"I couldn't be happier with every one of my Reunion Blues gig bags. The build quality and attention to detail is second to none and the protection these bags provide my bass eases my mind when traveli...Read More

Damjan Pejcinoski

"Reunion blues gig bags are the best gig bags that I have ever had. Now I am sure that my guitars will be safe during tours." Macedonian guitarist, Damjan PejĨinoski, was born in Ohrid, Macedonia, o...Read More

Damon Johnson

"Just back from a solo gig in Dallas and am inspired to tell you ONE MORE TIME how much I am IN LOVE with my RBX-2E. It's the greatest invention since the wah-wah pedal!! I had no problem sticking my ...Read More

Dana Johnson

"My Reunion Blues guitar cases are a complete essential. They are strong and sturdy without being too bulky or difficult to handle. I feel comfortable even when airlines and flight attendants decide t...Read More

Darren Barrett

"Reunion Blues is my top choice of cases I use to protect my all of my instruments. My father bought me my first case when I was in middle school and I have been using Reunion Blues since then. Just s...Read More

Dave Fowler

“All musicians love their instruments and dread the idea of losing one to the hardships of the road. However, I know that in my demanding performance schedule, playing with multiple platinum act...Read More

Dave Sampson

"Reunion Blues truly makes a superior product. I am impressed with their well thought out designs, maximum protection, lightweight functionality, heavy duty zippers and straps. And not to mention how ...Read More

David Childs

"For a combination of style, craftsmanship and protection, there is only one choice - Reunion Blues." David Childs has emerged as one of the finest brass soloists in the world today. He has appeared ...Read More

Demonterious Lawrence

"I've finally found the perfect instrument and there is absolutely no way that I would travel with anything less than the perfect gig bag. The Reunion Blues Continental bass case is the consummate tra...Read More

Derrick Hodge

"Thanks to Reunion Blues Gig Bags! I've never had to worry about my basses and guitars when traveling, Which is a BIG DEAL! An inexpensive investment that goes a long way." Two-time Grammy Award-winn...Read More

Derrick Holman

"Reunion Blues gear is what the pro's use! I've been a fan of this product for many years, and have always loved their bags for their reliable quality and exclusive design. Reunion Bags are the essenc...Read More

Derrick Murdock

"I’ve been using Reunion Blues gig bags since I was 18 and they haven’t let me down ….Ever!!! It’s so awesome to have a bag that I can rely on :) !!!" Derrick Lee Murdoc...Read More

Dezron Douglas

"I have used many of the different bass bags currently on the market, but it wasn’t until I came across a vintage Reunion Blues bag from the 70’s that I was finally satisfied with the over...Read More

Doug Jackson

"I never would have expected myself to view a gig bag as a piece of art. And I would never take a piece of art and put it into the hands of an airport baggage handler. Until now!  When the good f...Read More

Doug Johns

"Gate Check: The two most-feared words for any musician who flies on a plane. I've literally got a room full of gig bags at home - I've tried every one - and the RB Continental is the only case that h...Read More

Doug MacLeod

“Great craftsmanship, lightweight, and tough. Perfect for all my Nationals! I’m proud to be part of the RB Family!" Doug MacLeod, a prolific singer, songwriter, engaging storyteller, and ...Read More

Drew Taubenfeld

"Reunion Blues gig bags are hands down my favorite cases to travel with, I get serious protection with a case that's compact and easy to fit on airplanes, cars and vans. Whether gigging in town o...Read More

Duane Eubanks

"I have used a number of different trumpet cases in the past, NONE of them could stand up to the serious demands of the NYC musician on the go. I can carry more with less weight on my shoulders. Now I...Read More

Duff McKagan's Loaded

"My poor old hardshell guitar cases ...... they're so empty and lost since I got my Reunion Blues bags!"  Mike Squires, Guitarist, Duff McKagan’s Loaded "For all of my professional rock li...Read More

Eddy Khaimovich

"So you get all these dream instruments that you want, expensive, fragile, so precious to you - how do you protect them in transit, when you're heading to you next gig? The answer is: Reunion Blues. M...Read More

Ernie Isley

"So happy to have Reunion Blues gig bag.  I know my guitars are safe." Ernie Isley is a prolific songwriter, multi-instrumentalist playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums and percussion....Read More

Everett B. Walters

"WE'VE BEEN USING REUNION BLUES GIG BAGS OVER 20 YRS AND ALL WE CAN SAY IS: "PRICELESS" 'CAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER!!!!!!!!!!" Guitarist, Michael Everett Brown and Bassist, Harold Walter Brown III, the ...Read More

Ezra & Adeev Potash

"As far as gig bags go, there is no classier brand. Regarding safety, I have a different peace of mind when my horn is in my Reunion Blues case." - Ezra "My RB Bag not only holds my several horns, bu...Read More

Florian Poeschko

"Let me put it this way: I'd be really suprised to find a more protecting, better looking, longer lasting and better engineered gig bag appropriate to carry around guitars I spent a fortune on, day in...Read More

Frank Catalano

"I purchased a leather curved sop gig bag a few months ago and use Reunion Blues for all my saxes and I just purchased a Leather snare, cymbal and stick bag for my drums in my studio and I couldn't be...Read More

Gabriel The Gunn

"I bought my first Reunion Blues gig bag twenty five years ago when No Doubt ruled the Hollywood Club Scene ... I was hell bent to look cool walking up to a gig. The classic and luxurious RB gig bag d...Read More

Gabriele 'Rusty' Rustichelli

"Doesn’t matter how much your instrument costs. For you it’s The One. Give it the superior protection, make the best choice. I did it." Gabriele 'Rusty' Rustichelli (born August 7, 1977) ...Read More

Garry Beers

As the bassplayer and founding member of international hit makers INXS, Garry has had a lifetime devoted to what he does best -  playing bass in what is regarded as one of the best rhythm secti...Read More

Gary Gand

"I wish that I could get you guys to make me a suit, then I would be impervious to all the stuff that gets slung at all of us musicians. My case works great, yeah I love it, I love it." Gary Gand is ...Read More

Gina Clowes

"I couldn't be happier with my Reunion Blues gig bag. It is lightweight and comfortable, and I am confident that my instrument is safe inside."  "I can think of no better way to be welcomed home...Read More

Greg Errico

Drums, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee. R&B Foundation “Pioneer Award” recipient. Greg joins fellow founding members, Jerry Martini and Cynthia Robinson, in The Family Stone. Err...Read More

Gus Drax

" After so much travelling with my guitar worrying if it will make it in one piece at the end, I can finally sit back calm. Reunion Blues with it's unbelievable quality guarantees that my guitar will ...Read More

Hanan Rubinstein

"In rehearsal for JT Taylor (Kool and the gang). Huge shout out to Reunion Blues for making the best gig bags I know. I beat these things up all around the world, and they're still somehow in great co...Read More

Harold Rapp III

"Reunion Blues has a sleek yet sophisticated style for their products that brings individuality to the artist.  I am proud to be not only a part of the Reunion Blues Company, but The Reunion Blue...Read More

Hector Camacho

"I've been using Reunion Blues for almost 10 years now, I wouldn't travel with any other case. Still have and use my very first Reunion Bag as of today, they are THE BEST, period"   Hector (Pap...Read More

Heike Matthiesen

"I am very happy with my Reunion Blues Gig bags. They are light weight, easy to handle and comfortable to carry and I have full trust for the safety of my instruments. They are the perfect alternative...Read More

Izzy Rock

"As an independent Drummer i carry a lot of gear to and from recording studios and venues. Having played with Pretty Little Suicide and being on the road, I learned ways to take care of my drum kit. T...Read More

J.J. Johnson

"After years of trying many different cases, nothing seems to be as durable and as of great quality than Reunion Blues. To this day I STILL have my favorite stick bag that was given to me years ago an...Read More

Jacques Lesure

"Reunion Blues is the hippest way to carry your gear in a stylish and SAFE manner." Seasoned guitarist Jacques Lesure plays, teaches, and presents all over the United States.and abroad.. He strives t...Read More

Jason Abraham Roberts

"My Reunion Blues acoustic guitar gig bag is truly one-of-a kind! It's super protective, but also super light making it easy to take to any kind of gig. I'm very impressed!!" As a successful touring ...Read More

Jason Roberts

"Proud to be a member of the Reunion Blues family!" "Jason Roberts is no stranger to the Texas country music scene. At the young age of 26, he already racked up a pretty impressive resume, having pla...Read More

Javier Serrano

"When you travel in the world with guitars you need the best protection and a gig bag that offers the lightest weight. Reunion Blues gig bags & cases offer the best protection in a lightweight gig...Read More

Jay Rosado

"I went on my first tour when I was 20 years old and, in those short months, the gig bag that I had, which was supposed to be the best, couldn't handle the constant traveling of tour and was destroyed...Read More

Jeff Duncan

 "I love my Reunion Blues RBX double gig bag! As a guitarist who does a lot of gigs and traveling, the RBX makes my life so much easier. I'm amazed at the balance and weight distribution it has h...Read More

Jeff Hendrick

"My Reunion Blues Gig Bag provides amazing protection for my horn, is easy to travel with, and always attracts compliments wherever I go...I absolutely love it!" Canadian born R&B and Soul artist...Read More

Jeff Loomis

I have always been looking for the ultimate double gig bag. The Double Solid Body Bag from Reunion Blues got my immediate attention. I travel and tour a lot and this was a wise choice...It has a great...Read More

Jeff Pevar

"The rehearsal schedule was insane and finally we are getting in the stride of the tour. I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me get these incredible products for the tour. It has made my wo...Read More

Jesse Grossmann

"Showing up to the gig with a broken axe is definitely not metal!!" Jesse Grossmann is a veteran of the Bay Area Metal Scene. His current project, Trial By Combat, is at the forefront of the relative...Read More

Jessica Lynn

"I never have to worry when we are out on tour that my gear will be safe.  Reunion Blues delivers the security and protection that every traveling musician searches for in cases." "I love my RB ...Read More

Jim Kimo West

Hawaiian slack key guitar (ki ho'alu) is one of the great acoustic guitar traditions of the world, dating back to the 1840's when guitars were first brought to Hawaii and relatively unknown outside th...Read More

Jimmy Ali

"I have used The Reunion Blues Bass Gig Bags for over 20 Years! I have also recommended to many musicians in the industry over the years about the Excellent Craftsmanship of this product!" Twin broth...Read More

Jimmy King

"With their stylish designs, first class protection and modern look Reunion Blues cases are the only cases I trust to protect my horn as I travel the world." There is a distinct difference between mu...Read More

Joel DaSilva

"I adore my Reunion Blues Gig Bags. I use them everywhere I travel and perform. They're sturdy, durable, and lightweight. I just love them. " Joel DaSilva has rock n roll running through his veins. B...Read More

Johann Frank

"My RB Continental is the best case I've ever encountered and the best investment you'll ever make: I've taken it around the world and no matter what the airlines or stage hands do with it, I know tha...Read More

John 5

"I had a lot of them but the Reunion Blues Gig Bags are the best. They are the strongest and most durable that I have ever used - I use my gig bag every single day." John 5 is undoubtedly one of...Read More

Jorel JFly Flynn

"As a drummer and CEO, Reunion Blues Bags set the standard of expectation before I even play a note on my instrument."  "I have been around the world with my Renegade cymbal bag. I've even check...Read More

Josh Lawrence

"I love my black leather RB gig bag. Perfect for travelling in style. Beautiful work!" "The Continental is PERFECT! Its exactly what I needed!" Josh Lawrence is a jazz trumpeter, composer, band...Read More

Justin Meldal-Johnsen

"My bass bags are excellent. Super high quality, great looking, and extremely protective. They're the finest I have ever used."Justin Meldal-Johnsen, commonly known to fans as JMJ, is a session bassis...Read More

Kameron Whalum

Memphis born and Memphis bred, Kameron Timothy Whalum has music in his blood. From both his paternal great-grandparents, to both sets of maternal and paternal grandparents, to his Whalum Uncles, to bo...Read More

Katie Garibaldi

"As an indie artist, I tour a lot so I need a sturdy, reliable gig bag for my guitar. I was never completely satisfied with any ordinary gig bag, until I discovered Reunion Blues." "I've received my ...Read More

Kebbi Williams

"Reunion Blues is an awesome energetic company and their gear is second to none! I love my case and will encourage all our youths in our community non profit organization Music in the Park ATL to get ...Read More

Keegan McInroe

"My Reunion Blues Continental Dreadnought case is ideal for when I'm home gigging around Texas and the States or on tour in Europe for months on end. I constantly recommend it to fellow troubadou...Read More

Keith Axelson

Reunion Blues Gig Bags are the only bag I entrust my basses to!!! Night after night, gig after gig, in and outside of America, I never go anywhere without my Reunion Blues Bag. Nothing else in the wor...Read More

Keith Merrow

"Reunion Blues Gig Bags sent me this really awesome leather gig bag that holds 2 guitars. I’ve had a handful of gig bags over the years, and none of them really seemed like anything special. But...Read More

Ken Partyka

"My Reunion Blues Continental bags provide me the perfect combination of storage, support and style. Playing locally or traveling, these are the perfect bags for me." Chicago Saxophonist Ken Partyka ...Read More

Kenny Burrell

Kenneth Earl "Kenny" Burrell (born July 31, 1931) is an iconic American jazz guitar player. Known as Duke Ellington's favorite guitarist, Kenny's playing is grounded in bebop and blues; he has perform...Read More

Kevin Eubanks

"My vegan Reunion Blues cases are the best. Yes vegan! They protect my guitars and the environment. Great!""I love my Reunion Blues cases. They do the job perfectly and when I found out they were vega...Read More

Kevin Scott

"I use Reunion Blues gig bags because they are the most durable on the market, and they look good too!"     Bassist Kevin Scott has been a fixture on the Atlanta music scene for over a dec...Read More

Kevin Smith

I’ve used Reunion Blues Gig Bags for years. The upright bass bag is great for loading in and out of trucks and vans, and it’ll fit snuggly into an upright flight case. The Continental elec...Read More

Killswitch Engage

"Yeah... It's a great gig bag." -Adam Dutkiewicz Killswitch Engage guitarists Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroetzel both endorse Reunion Blues. The band rose to fame with its 2004 release The End of He...Read More

Kirk Fletcher

"Reunion Blues is a testament to high quality and craftsmanship. And is what I consider an industry standard amongst professional musicians all over the world. I'm honored to be as...Read More

Kyle Asche

"Reunion Blues cases are simply the finest and most reliable cases in the world.  The leather gig bags are as classy as they are sturdy and are the perfect way to carry a guitar around the windy ...Read More

Lamar Jones

“When it comes to carrying my basses, there is simply no other solution for me except the Reunion Blues gig bags!  They are well constructed with top of the line craftsmanship and quality. ...Read More

Lanise Hughes

"I've used other bags in the past but none have the durability and padded protection like the Reunion Blues bags ... The Power of Rock n Roll. Thank you Reunion Blues! " Considered by many of their p...Read More

Laurence Juber

"I have been happy with my Continental for my Les Paul and have checked it as baggage with no concerns."Fusing folk, jazz,and pop styles, two-time Grammy-winner Laurence Juber creates a multifaceted p...Read More

Lee Hogans

"My Reunion Blues trumpet bags not only protect my trumpets well, but they also look stylish and are comfortable to carry which I think is important when traveling as often as I do." Trumpeter and co...Read More

Lee Ritenour

 “Almost as long as Reunion Blues has been in business, I’ve been using their gig bags! My Gibsons & Yamaha acoustics have all been protected in Reunion Blues gig bags for tour af...Read More

Lige Curry

"The first thing on my mind when I think about having a tour with plenty of dates ahead in the country or out the country or both, is that my Bass guitar will be safe. Especially when I'm flying and t...Read More

Lil' John Roberts

One of the most sought after Jazz and R & B Drummers of his generation, John “Lil’ John” Roberts has maintained his status in the industry as the ultimate heartbeat. A native of ...Read More

Lou Esposito

"Aside from them being beautiful gig bags, they are extremely well made. I get compliments on these bags at every show we do. I just love them" Lou has been the guitar player / singer with the Capris...Read More

Luis Galang

Luis Galang, 17 years old, from Quezon City, Philippines.  2017 Wilson Center Guitar Festival & Competition Rock/Blues Champion Wisconsin, USA Luis started playing guitar when he was 9-year...Read More

Lynn Coulter

"Leather, I love leather. I'll take a worn out pair of Tony Lama cowboy boots any day over a brand new pair of Nikes or Puma tennis shoes. My Reunion Blues bags are made of the finest leather and the ...Read More

Mandi Martyr

"Reunion Blues is by far THE BEST in designing gig bags. I feel so comfortable traveling with my gear in RB Gig bags.  I can be a little out of control and crazy sometimes and I know that my Reun...Read More

Marc Rizzo

"I love the gig bag...really nice!" At 27, Marc Rizzo was already a household name among metal fans before finishing “Colossal Myopia”, his first solo record. A shredder’s shredder,...Read More

Marcelo Feldman

"I tour a lot and I have been using the RB Continental case for over a year now and NEVER had a problem. It's awesome!" Marc “The Bass Wizard” (real name Marcelo Feldman) is a professiona...Read More

Marco Giovino

"My new RB cases arrived today. And you know, I knew they were going to be of high quality and that I was going to be happy with them but, WoW!!! They're really great. Nice and solid...I wish I had th...Read More

Marco Mendoza

"I've been using Reunion Blues gig bags for years traveling around the world....My new Aero and Continental bass bags hands-down, offer the best protection for my custom instruments...I would never us...Read More

Mark Egan

"The RB Continental Electric Bass Guitar Case is the best instrument case that I have ever used" "I'm confident that my bass will be protected whether I'm on a plane, train or traveling by car or sub...Read More

Mark Whitfield

"I have always been a fan and I have several cases from the early 90's. They have lasted this long, now that's an endorsement!" "Now, more than 3 years later, they all look exactly the same, not a sc...Read More

Mark Zavon

Mark Zavon is the guitarist and a founding member of Kill Devil Hill, a critically acclaimed hard rock band that released its second CD “Revolution Rise” in October of 2013, but the journe...Read More

Markus Reuter

"These are the best bass cases we've ever encountered." Markus Reuter is a German musician, composer and record producer, specialising in touch guitar playing and loop music. Recently he has expanded...Read More

Martin McCain

"I've been using my Reunion Blues bags for over a decade. All of my cases are sleek, light in weight, yet durable. I use both the G and O series for my bass and tenor trombones. My double gig bag is g...Read More

Marty Sammon

"First time I saw this incredible bag I knew I had to have one. It's perfect for my laptop and studio gear." At the age of 15, Marty Sammon began playing on the Chicago blues scene with South Side gu...Read More


Southern swagger, Jamaican blood, with a South African name, Masego is a Gumbo of culture and creativity. His music is best described as TrapHouseJazz. He's the fusion of Pharrell, Michael J...Read More

Matt Sotelo

"My Reunion Blues RBX double guitar gig bag absolutely rules! This thing is so nice and sleek, super lightweight and the Zero- G handle makes carrying this bag very comfortable. I love the quality and...Read More

Matt Wigton

"My instruments are my life. I would not trust them with anybody else.I have been using the upright bass and double electric bass gig bags for well over a decade now and they have consistently provide...Read More

Matthew van Emmerick

"If you are looking for the finest bag to match your Sound, Personality and Style then look no further than Reunion Blues - The Ultimate "level" for all serious performers." Born in Bendigo, Victoria...Read More

Mattia Salvadori

"The first thing that you note when you look at the RB Continental Trumpet Case is the cool design. The total black look that makes this case elegant and sporty at the same time. When you touch and op...Read More

Melody Angel

"My guitar is my life line, so I have to protect it the best way I know how. That's why I chose the Reunion Blues guitar case." Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, she began playing guitar ...Read More

Melvin Jones

"I have never felt more assured of the safety of my horn than when I started using the Reunion Blues Continental series! Not to mention the cases are so attractive, that my musical buddies think I've ...Read More

Melvin Melly Baldwin

“I wouldn't trust my cymbals and sticks to any other cases than Reunion Blues Cases! ….simply the best soft cases out there!” There is definitely something to be said about “...Read More

Michael Burton

"I absolutely love my Reunion Blues gig bags. I'll be on the road all summer, and I'm so glad that I don't have to worry about the safety of my horn! RB cases are the best and it doesn't hurt that the...Read More

Michael Davis

"Whether I'm out touring with the Rolling Stones or performing here in New York, I use Reunion Blues bags exclusively." Trombonist-composer Michael Davis does it all. Hailed as one of todays premier ...Read More

Michael Gregory Jackson

Michael Gregory Jackson’s music is spiritual and holds the light – even in the darkness…This is how the music is: it contains a will to dive into the deepest layers of human life, b...Read More

Michelle Malone

 "My Reunion Blues gig bags are more reliable and easier to travel with than my old road cases. I don’t even use my old hard shell cases anymore. That's how safe my reunion blues gig bags a...Read More

Michelle Marie

"I love my Reunion Blues Gig Bag. The leather is impeccable, and most of all I feel secure about the safety of my instrument. I have had several gig bags that have collapsed on me since my first reuni...Read More

Mike Longworth

Mike is no stranger to the LA music scene. Being able to transition between guitar and bass has allowed him to take many sessions and touring positions in a wide variety of musical backgrounds.  ...Read More

Mike Scott

I am excited about my “Reunion Blues Gig Bag Cases”.   I use my “Continental” acoustic guitar and five string banjo cases for my National, as well as International touring...Read More

Nate Light

"Reunion Blues gig-bags offer the protection of a hard-shell case without the bulk or hassle. These bags are light weight, solid as can be, and great looking. Whether I'm gigging around town or travel...Read More

Nate Lopez

"I have a mahogany guitar that is fun to play but no fun to carry around. The thing is, it's an unusual guitar as well, a 8 string CH novax. Really hard to find a case. After hauling my guitar all ove...Read More

Nina Gerber

After carving a career out of what some might call the shadows, guitarist Nina Gerber is at last beginning to dare the light. Her first album as a leader, Not Before Noon, follows two decades which br...Read More

Noam Pikelny

"The Reunion Blues Continental banjo gig bag is the most versatile case I've ever owned. Amazingly, it fits in the overhead compartment of many regional jets. The backpack straps are more comfortable ...Read More

Nobuki Takamen

"I have been using Reunion Blues gig bags simply because they are the best. It's like carrying my guitar in a hard case with the weight of a soft case." Guitarist/composer Nobuki Takamen was born in ...Read More

Of Virtue

"We are making a big move to bringing our sound overseas and we trust that Reunion Blues is the best case for us to take with us while we do so!" With the ever-increasing fragmentation of musical gen...Read More

Orlando Wright

"I've been using Reunion Blues since the early 80s and I love 'em because they last." The consummate bass player, Orlando Wright has worked the Chicago R&B and Blues scene since the late 70's, pl...Read More

Oskar Cartaya

"The last two weekends I have been traveling cross country and the airlines have NOT made it pleasant at all. Both weekend flights were cancelled or delayed forcing me to take alternative routes and ...Read More

Paige Harwell

"If I had a gig bag like this in the early days, I would certainly have more playable guitars! This thing is tough as nails but light as a feather! And it stays on my shoulders too, unlike all the oth...Read More

Pancho Tomaselli

"The only case that takes the stress off when I have to check my basses"  "I love my case!!!" Born in Ecuador, Fransisco “Pancho” Tomaselli has toured around the world playing bass ...Read More

Pasha Karchevsky

“The best cases I have ever had is the Reunion Blues."  "Their brand can never be mistaken with something else, the quality is exceptional. Whenever & wherever I will be, the best prot...Read More

Paul Masvidal

"Reunion Blues cases are where my favorite guitars go whenever they leave the studio. I wouldn't trust them in anything else."  A renowned guitarist, songwriter, composer and international touri...Read More

Peter Stroud

“The RB Continental rocks! The only bag I’ll use for traveling with my vintage guitars.” "Just received the dual bag. Wow…what a great design. Can’t wait to put it to u...Read More

Peterson Brothers

"The best cases period! We can always count on these to protect our gear on the road." The Peterson Brothers possess a uniquely modern blend of blues, soul, and funk. Alex, 17, on bass and vocal...Read More

Philip Bynoe

"My RBX Cases are such a great tool for me, as most sessions you need to have all of your best sounds with you, with these cases I can bring any of my basses along in a safe, lightweight, durable case...Read More

Quinton J. Robinson

"My equipment is extremely important to me, so the way I protect it is as equally important. Reunion Blues products give me the best protection and it looks great as well . Thanks to Michelle and Leah...Read More

Rachel Bolan

“Reunion Blues makes the best gig bags, hands down! I never worry about gate checking my bass because I know it will be safe.” Rachel realized that he wanted to be a performer at a very y...Read More

Ray Benson

"My new RB Continental is the best. After 40 years on the road, I finally feel confident without having to lug a hard shell case around all the time." Mr. Ray Benson, leader of Asleep at the Wheel, h...Read More

Rhonda Smith

"I'm loving my Reunion Blues gear! " With an enviable career that has spanned over two decades, it is no surprise that Rhonda hails from musical lineage. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the family move...Read More

Ric Hall

"Touring can be brutal on any guitar. Through rain, snow, sleet, hail... I rely on my Reunion Blues to see me through." Mr. Ric Hall aka "Ric Jaz" is truly an extraordinary example of one of the best...Read More

Richard Cifersky

"Thanks to REUNION BLUES doing my traveling is more comfortable!" Richard was born in 1978 in Bratislava, Slovakia, but his home is the near-by village of Pezinok. He crossed paths with bluegrass mu...Read More

Richard Fortus

"Guns N' Roses and Reunion Blues all wrapped up into one. I can die now."Axl on Fortus, "... We're fortunate to have found Richard who has this vibe kind of like Izzy but with amazing feel. The first ...Read More

Richie Barshay

"My instruments are safe and stylish in these bags - made with the same care and passion that I give to my music." Percussionist Richie Barshay, most noted for his work with the Herbie Hancock Quarte...Read More

Rick Barrio Dill

"My Continental RB Gig Bag is working perfect out on the road this summer all across Europe and Japan. You guys clearly make the best bag out there." Barrio Dill picked up his first guitar when he wa...Read More

Rickey Minor

"This bag will outlive you."A Reunion Blues fan for over 30 years, Rickey Minor's distinguished resume includes an Emmy nomination for his music direction with American Idol. He has also been the musi...Read More

Rik Emmett

These are such high quality, well-designed, rugged cases, they are - literally - the best lightweight guitar (and the attaché bag as well) cases I've ever owned.   It doesn't do them justi...Read More

Rising Appalachia

"The Reunion Blues banjo case is compact, light weight and well designed for the needs of a touring artist. It has already proven to be a more suitable case for us on the road and in transit- which is...Read More

Rob Hammersmith

"My Reunion Blues cymbal case, laptop attaché, and stick bag have been lifesavers on the road. The quality is amazing! They keep my cymbals & laptop safe, and my stick bag keeps me organize...Read More

Rob Youells

"I tend to demolish my gear, I hit hard and I'm not the most gentle person when we travel. I need the strongest cases on the planet, and Reunion Blues products are high end and durable. They protect m...Read More

Robben Ford

Robben Ford is one of the premier electric guitarists today, particularly known for his blues playing as well as his ability to be comfortable in a variety of musical contexts. A five-time Grammy nomi...Read More

Rodger Carter

"Reunion Blues - I can protect my gear & arrive in style…The Coolest Cases Around!!!" Born and raised in Los Angeles, Rodger Carter began his professional music life playing club shows on ...Read More

Ron Jackson

"I have been using Reunion Blues soft cases for my guitars for years. They are the best!!!" Ron Jackson is a New York jazz guitarist, composer, arranger, producer, recording artist, and instructor. R...Read More

Roni Lee

 "Finally!!  A company that pays attention to the details and the quirks of the road musician.  Avoiding those bumps and bruises in a case that is light-weight and has a bunch of super ...Read More

Russell Carson

"The thing I love most about my Reunion Blues case is the combination of both structural rigidity and cushiony comfort: I know that whatever I put inside will be completely protected and 100% secure, ...Read More

Russell K. Shores

"I don't use Reunion Blues gig bags because I have to, I use Reunion Blues gig bags because it's unsafe not to..." Russell Kenji Shores born in New York has a varied and impressive resume. Nick -name...Read More

Ryan Kilgore

"After Touring for Years I have Finally Found a Home for My Babies (My Saxes) to be Comfortable throughout their Travels Across the World. I receive Tons of Compliments on how Professional and Nice th...Read More

Ryan Montano

"When I was in middle school, I carried around my trumpet in giant, brown, hard-shell case. I remember being so embarrassed to haul around my extremely unattractive case that I resorted to stuffing my...Read More

Samantha Fish

“I love my Reunion Blues gig bags. They are slim enough to fit into most overhead bins on airplanes, but I feel confident gate checking as well. They are sturdy and reliable. It's nice to know m...Read More

Samus Paulicelli

"Now THIS is a gigbag! I definitely feel confident traveling with my guitars in this thing. And it's much more convenient than a big lunky hard case." Samus Paulicelli (born September 14, 1987 Ridgew...Read More

Scott Mayo

"I’m very excited to be a part of the family of artists for Reunion Blues. I use the RB Continental line of saxophone cases and couldn’t be happier. They look great, the small, compact siz...Read More

Scotti Hill

"I've been carrying a Reunion Blues gig bag for for over 30 years. They just keep getting better. You guys are the best." As a kid with three older sisters, Scotti Hill was exposed to music from a yo...Read More

Sean Holt

"I still remember my first tan leather Reunion Blues tenor bag from 1981. I think I stood a little taller when I slung it over my shoulder ;-) That bag is still going strong, along with the other RB b...Read More

Sean Hurwitz

"The RBA2 is by far the most comfortable and protective case/gig bag I've ever had for my acoustic guitars!" "There's only one case I trust to protect my guitars on the road! @reunionbluesgigbags" "...Read More

Sean Michael Ray

"My basses are my babies, and there is only one gig bag I trust to protect my babies .... Reunion Blues 24/7!!! You betta believe it! " When you hear the name Sean Michael Ray, you immediately think&...Read More

Shubh Saran

"My Sonoma series guitar case is more than just a safe and reliable gig bag - it's a statement of class, elegance, and professionalism. By far the the best blend of functionality, durability, and styl...Read More

Sin Quirin

"My Reunion Blues double guitar gig bag is a life saver! I can now carry two of my guitars in one case as well as all of my necessary accessories. The quality and workmanship is top notch and I know I...Read More

Smokin Joe Kubek

"I'm on the road with one now. I LOVE IT! Thanks Bro. Let's jam some time." Kubek, with his staggering arsenal of instruments, effects and technique, delivers a frenzied, flame-throwing guitar displa...Read More

Starr Cullars

The only woman to ever become the sole-female-musician/instrumentalist-member of Parliament-Funkadelic; and the chosen woman  named by Paul Stanley of KISS and Mark Hudson (Grammy Award-Producer)...Read More

Stefan Norgren

”The Reunion Blues Continental is hands down the ultimate case! With Seventh Wonder we do plenty of international one off gigs where we´ll fly in, set up, play, pack up and fly home. I&acu...Read More

Steve Burrows

"Best guitar straps on the planet! I feel more comfortable with my guitar on rather than off when using my Reunion Blue Merino Wool Guitar Strap"  Steve has toured, opened up for, and jammed on ...Read More

Steve Sinatra

"I was using Reunion Blues products for a few years before I became an artist. I have spent a lot of money on a lot of different stick and cymbal bags. I was trying to find the ones that were the righ...Read More

Steve Vai

"Your new double gig bags totally rock! Super solid, and SMART, on any level. They allow worry-free travel and make sure that there are no bad surprises when opening at your destination, wherever you ...Read More

Stevie Coyle

Stevie Coyle (late of the whiz-bang string band The Waybacks) is one lucky bum. His dad ran a radio station in southern California and brought home all the promo LPs that didn't fit the Spanish-langua...Read More

Stuart Ziff

"Not only does REUNION BLUES make the finest looking gig bags, but for me, The Continental and the Aero have been the most durable and comfortable gig bags to travel with. I couldn’t feel more s...Read More

Tarron Crayton

"Traveling with my bass guitars the past 5 years has been somewhat stress free because of the strength and durability of Reunion Blues Cases. The Best!!! " Growing up in Memphis, TN, Tarron Crayton f...Read More

Teja Veal

"I love my Reunion Blues Continental Gig Bag! It feels like luxury!! Nicely designed and sturdy on the outside, but once you unzip, the plush blue lining is an instant attraction! Everyone wants to fe...Read More

Tengger Cavalry

"Reunion Blues is truly amazing. Their music cases are very reliable and grant us a profound sense of security when the boys in Tengger Cavalry go on tour! Thank you Reunion Blues! "  "Reunion B...Read More

Terence Harper

"I never go anywhere without my Reunion Blues case!  It’s durable, sleek and stylish.  My horn is one of my most prized possessions. So it says a lot that I only trust the quality of R...Read More

Teresa Topaz

"The Reunion Blues RBX case is amazing!! I have never seen a gig bag more contoured or protective for my Les Paul." Teresa Topaz is a Blues Rock performing & recording artist, composer and record...Read More

Terl Bryant

"Delighted to tell you I am now in possession of the rather splendid and gorgeous new stick bag!" Over 150 album credits and combined sales of more than 15 million With a successful touring and reco...Read More

Terri Clark

After years of being one of the biggest names in country music globally, Terri announced that she was going to leave her major label home & focus on making the music that she wanted to make. Yearn...Read More

Tim Austin

"Have you seen the bottom of this cymbal case? For years, I have been going through bags and breaking cymbals that cut through the bottom. Thankfully, those days are behind me now." As a small child,...Read More

Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery is one of the enduring hard men of professional sports, logging 32 of his 53 years with professional baseball. Of those years, he has spend a jaw-dropping 23 on the hallowed fields of the...Read More

Tim Rose

“I first heard about Reunion Blues cases from the YouTube video. You know the one— where they threw a strat off the roof. I was intrigued. I have since had three or four of these cases, fo...Read More

Tim Yeung

Tim Yeung was born in Buffalo, NY November 27th 1978. With the inspiration of a songwriting mother and artistic father, Tim began playing drums in 1990 at the age of eleven. Within a few short ye...Read More

Timothy Gaines

"Love the bag very nice!!" Without a doubt, Stryper is one of the top Christian rock bands ever, and certainly the most celebrated Christian metal band of all time. Comprised of Michael Sweet (vocals...Read More

Tina Guo

"Yes on Reunion Blues." Tina Guo is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso acoustic/electric cellist, recording artist, and composer. With a multi-faceted career and mastery in a wide range of genres,...Read More

Tomi Martin

"Until I put my guitars in this Reunion Blues case, I never really felt safe about gig bags. I was strictly a hardshell man. I can't say that now because I don't worry anymore. And with fellow artists...Read More

Tommy Castro

"We bought two RB Continentals, one for me and one for Scott Southerland, our bass player. They absolutely rock." Castro, winner of the 2008 Blues Music Award for Entertainer Of The Year, is famed no...Read More

Tommy Duke

"I am a huge fan. My stick bag is holding up so good. I love it" Tommy Duke lives to play and plays to live. Beating on all kinds of drums for 13 years has formed him into a formidable up coming perc...Read More

Tommy Victor

"Thanks so much for the bag, it really is a lifesaver." What becomes an iconoclast the most? Carved Into Stone sums up what Prong stands for. This is an album slaked in hostility, personal detachment...Read More

Tony Campos

"My Reunion Blues double bass gig bag was a life saver for me on my recent tours to South America and Europe. A few times, the airline forced me to gate check my basses and would not let me get them u...Read More

Tosin Abasi

"Reunion Blues gig bags are incredibly well made and look phenomenal. I couldn't be happier with them!" Animals as Leaders is a Washington, D.C. based instrumental progressive metal solo project by e...Read More

Tres Gilbert

"I love my Reunion Blues gig bags!!! I've never felt more safe about carrying my bass on a plane!!! It's a Great design and gives great protection for every occasion! You guys Rock!" Tres` is one of ...Read More

Walter Riley King

"Reunion Blues bags are very durable, very highly insulated, comfortable to the hands and easy to carry - very stylish...I love it!"  Musician, Saxophonist, Flutist, Composer, Arranger, Actor, E...Read More

Will Calhoun

Will Calhoun, the widely acclaimed drummer from the Bronx, New York, graduated from the Berklee School of Music in Boston, where he received a Bachelors degree in Music Production and engineering. He ...Read More

Wolf Marshall

"I love and, more importantly, trust the protection my instruments get with Reunion Blues gig bags. I can't imagine putting my precious guitars in anything else--be they vintage Gibsons, new Sadowskys...Read More

Wycliffe Gordon

"I love RB because of the durability and high quality of the product. I travel 250-300 days a year as a performing artist, and my RB gig bag is right there with me on every flight. Plus, it's quite st...Read More

Zach Fowler

 "I absolutely LOVE the RBX double gig bag! Oh my goodness...you talk about a MASSIVE weight difference compared to the leather double! I'm so excited about this...I can actually walk with this t...Read More

Zdany Chisholm

"The case is amazingly beautiful. I love the classic, quality black leather look and feel. It definitely speaks luxury and seriousness about ones craft and protection. I now totally understand the 30 ...Read More