Zdany Chisholm

"The case is amazingly beautiful. I love the classic, quality black leather look and feel. It definitely speaks luxury and seriousness about ones craft and protection. I now totally understand the 30 years in the biz."

Zdany Chisholm, a native of Tampa, Florida, began his melodic life as a tot beating on pots and pans in his mothers kitchen. Inspired by his musical family, he has played his way from the kitchen floor, to churches, all the way to Europe. Zdany has received numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding leadership, dedication and superior musicianship in his craft, including the much acclaimed John Phillip Sousa and Gospel Music Workshop of America Awards. His nominations for other awards are endless.

A graduate of Florida A&M University (FAMU), and a former member of the FAMU Marching 100, Zdany Chisholm has electrified audiences and set the stage with many great up and coming musicians, including his Minor7even band members.

Presently, Zdany is performing as a Saxophonist with Cody Chestnutt, whose music blends elements of rock, funk, soul, hip hop, and blues. His latest feat with Chestnutt, was the Landing on a Hundred Tour, for two weeks in Europe. Zdany has performed at venues on the east and west coast, as well as in several countries throughout Europe. Zdany recently performed at the legendary 2011 Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, sharing the stage with Larry Graham and Graham Central Station, and Bootsy Collins. He is currently hard at work on his debut album.

Website: http://www.zdanychisholm.com

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