Tony Campos (Ministry/Fear Factory)

"My Reunion Blues double bass gig bag was a life saver for me on my recent tours to South America and Europe. A few times, the airline forced me to gate check my basses and would not let me get them until they rode through the entire bagage claim system, which meant they were bouncing around from conveyor belt to conveyor belt. I'm happy to say, the bag protected both basses very well, and there wasn't any damage to them whatsoever. These are absolutely the best gig bags, period."

Earth shaking power, guttural bass growl, and masterful stage character distinguish the uniquely intense individuality of current Soulfly and Ministry bassist, Tony Campos. Tony is also a founding member of Static-X, and frontman for Asesino, the extreme metal band and side project of Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares. Tony also works with Metal bands Prong and Possessed.

Tony played on the new Soulfly release "Enslaved" as well as the new Prong album "Carved Into Stone".

Campos was the final bassist for Ministry, which retired in 2008. He rejoined when the band reunited in 2011. Tony played on Ministry's "Relapse" record with Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen which is climbing charts worldwide since its release in March of 2012.

He is currently on tour with Fear Factory.


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