Timothy Gaines (Stryper)

"Love the bag very nice!!"

Without a doubt, Stryper is one of the top Christian rock bands ever, and certainly the most celebrated Christian metal band of all time. Comprised of Michael Sweet (vocals/guitar), Oz Fox (guitar), Tim Gaines (bass), and Robert Sweet (drums), Stryper has been rocking since 1983, and is responsible for such '80s metal classic albums as 'Soldiers Under Command,' 'To Hell with the Devil,' In God We Trust,' and such MTV hit singles/videos as "Calling on You," "Free," and "Honestly." After a sabbatical for much of the 1990's, Stryper returned strong in the early 21st century. But it was not until their 2011 covers set, 'The Covering,' that the aforementioned definitive Stryper was reinstated, as the band welcomed Gaines back into the fold.

"Tim is an original member, so there's a certain magic and chemistry that you have with the original line-up, that you can't replace with someone else," explains Michael Sweet. "It's just there, it is what it is. And Tim brings that to the band. He's a very talented bass player, singer, and keyboard player. He brings a certain chemistry and energy to the band, and it takes the four of us to recreate that."

Tim on his favorite Stryper tune: "I have several, but my all time favorite is 'More Than A Man' because it probably speaks more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ than any other song we do."

Website: www.stryper.com

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