Tim Rose

“I first heard about Reunion Blues cases from the YouTube video. You know the one— where they threw a strat off the roof. I was intrigued. I have since had three or four of these cases, for both electric and acoustic. Nothing has ever gone wrong with any of them, and I’ve probably had them on at least 1,000 gigs in Europe, Asia, Hawaii, and the United States. I’m a customer for life.”


Tim Rose is a soul songwriter from Honolulu, Hawaii. He’s a funky white boy; ‘Soulful’, ‘Organic’, ‘Funky’, and ‘Smooth’ are words regularly equated with his music. His voice is a rough blue silk— His guitar playing a deep soul pocket. His debut self-titled album, funded by his fans, was nominated for two Na Hoku Awards in Hawaii, and his debut single “Be Myself” won best music video award at the Yosemite Film Festival. He is a full-time performer, touring regularly and playing shows all over the world. His latest music video, “Sirens” currently has 75,000 views and is nominated for three film festivals in California. He’s opened for Allen Stone, Played at ASCAP EXPO and NAMM, and headlined at prestigious venues like the Blue Note, Triple Door, and Hotel Cafe. Not bad considering his career is only two years old. 


Website: http://timrosemusic.com

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