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Tim Flannery is one of the enduring hard men of professional sports, logging 32 of his 53 years with professional baseball. Of those years, he has spend a jaw-dropping 23 on the hallowed fields of the Major Leagues as both a hard-charging player and a steely-eyed field general. He has been to the World Series three times - once as a player and twice as a coach, finally wrapping his battered, dusty hands around the World Series Trophy in 2010. 

Impressive credentials for any man, but here's the thing - baseball is only a part of the story. 

He is also a prolific and talented songwriter, currently preparing to release his tenth album in 15 years. That's right - this feroiciously hard-working baseball legend is also an award-nominated musician who regularly packs venues across the globe. He is a seasoned fingerstyle legend of Americana music with a gift for crafting potent, resonant songs and delivering energetic, emotional live shows.

His name is Tim Flannery and when he's not coaching third base for the 2010 and 2012 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants, he is writing some of the most gorgious acoustic music to roll out of California since the halycon days of the Seventies folk explosion.

"Flan" as he's know to family, friends and players, started playing baseball as a kid and its hold on him has never loosened. As a player for the his hometown San Diego Padres, each season would begin with Tim's manager cautioning him that his position would likely go to someone younger, faster and more gifted. A warrior to the core, Flan distilled such negativity into furious motivation, out-running, out-gunning and out-hustling every guy on the team to secure his spot on the roster. Unsurprisingly, his relentless work ethic and fearless playing style made him a fan favorite and to this day. He is a much-beloved icon from the surf breaks of Oceanside, California to the furthest tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

When his playing career came to a close, Flan took to coaching with the same passion and savvy that propelled him to such auspicious heights as a player.  He moved from the minor league system back into the Majors as a third base coach for the Padres, and in 2008 he took over third base coaching duties for the San Francisco Giants, where he currently patrols the left side of the field like a wolf, managing the team’s offensive attack with equal measures of strategy and pure guts. 

When baseball season ends, Tim’s music season begins and he practices, writes and rehearses with the dedication of someone whose very life depends on his songs.  He has spent the majority of his life on the road, balancing his career and his creative drive with the love of his wife and three children.  His music explores the depths of emotion that only loneliness and solitude can reveal, as well as the profound emotional highs unlocked in a golden surfing session or in the majesty of a star-spangled sky from a back porch in Kentucky.

Flan’s music enjoys radio support across the planet, from the shores of Ireland to beach towns up and down the California coast.  He is routinely supported by an obscenely talented band and he has been joined on stage by the likes of Jackson Browne, Bruce Hornsby, Garth Brooks, and Jimmy Buffet.  With a voice as smooth as Kentucky bourbon and heart worn on both sleeves, Flan’s concerts ebb and flow with brilliant melodies, soaring harmonies and themes of love, travel and connecting with the Great Spirit.  And of course, he sings about baseball.

Flan’s new record is a rich collection of stories amassed over the past two years, as Fate released him and his teammates into the most fantastic journey of their collective lives.  It is an extraordinary album that will only enhance his standing as a must-see performer.

In the meantime, MLB’s All-Star break is upon us and Flan will be coaching third base for the National League All-Stars.  If you catch the game, look for him patrolling the third base line amid the thunder of tens of thousands of screaming fans.  Win or lose, when the game’s over, he’ll be on another plane, heading to another city, where he’ll slide a plastic card into another hotel door.  He’ll sit down in the dark, pick up his guitar, and see what happens.

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