The Hundred Days

"Sea Shepherd Conservation Society & 'popantipop' hosted Reunion Blues endorser band The Hundred Days at SXSW 2011. This video tells it all."

Rusty at Stranded in Stereo wrote: "As if San Francisco hasn't already contributed some of the worlds best rock bands, we now have The Hundred Days, an indie-alternative group that is starting to blow up around the States. Owl Mag wrote, "Rarely is new rock this sonically arresting", while Zero Magazine claims that, The Hundred Days are only beginning what is promising to be a long career. So, if you appreciate luring harmonies, haunting vocals, and intriguing arrangements, catch The Hundred Days before they start filling up the large stadiums. Their melodies captivate the ear with a certain comforting sadness, while the instruments uplift the listener, creating a blend that you can't help but be drawn to.

The band is also known for having the most creative event flyers in the business. Incredible art, suitable for framing.

See samples of these flyers here: