Teresa Topaz

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Teresa Topaz is a Blues Rock performing & recording artist, composer and record producer. Voter-nominated by the Willamette Week's Best of Portland Top 5 Best Blues Artist 2017, Named the "Guitar Goddess" by the Portland Tribune and Blues Rock Queen by J-Media Music Group. Topaz is an official endorser of Zemaitis Guitars, Pig Hog Cables, The Rock Slide, Shubb Capos & Nady Wireless. Her latest album 'Reset me' has been making an impression with it's roots in Blues Rock and hints of Southern Rock. Her powerful vocal range meshes with a bluesy country grit shaping a rare temperament. 

"Driving Me Crazy", a popular single off the album, was featured at the Trail Blazers half time show at the MODA Center as well as televised on CSN NWHD. "Aquarians" is her #1 Single,  gaining momentum as a Cinematic Rock Epic & Topaz's Bluesy Rock rendition of 'Fever' has made its way across National and International airwaves.

Teresa Topaz has an appreciation of every genre and style of music - along with the ability to put it all together in a unique, ever-changing combination. On her LP, “Reset Me”, she composed and performed all instruments on the album except for Mr. Keith Waters on bass guitar, as well as produced the album alongside of engineer and co-producer, Tim Biedron. 

To gain this rare ability, Topaz was, first of all, born to music-loving parents. Born and raised in Los Angeles, her mother is a fine artist, and her father was the originator of the futuristic concept car show, having established the Auto Expo in the 1960s. Her parents gave her an environment filled with two wildly different tastes in music. 

Her father’s - Cole Porter, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and the like - and her mother’s music: Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, etc. Topaz took all that in, along with the grunge rock, 90's scene and hard rock that was playing at the time, Pearl Jam to Tori Amos. It makes for an extraordinary musical experience.    

In the capital of the 60’s Music Revolution, the San Francisco Bay area, Topaz played the stages of iconic clubs including the Milk Bar in Haight-Ashbury, Red Devil Loungethe Fenix, and 1015 Folsom. She completed her first EP, New Beginnings, featuring her vocals and acoustic guitar. On ReverbNation.com, as a “Singer-Songwriter”, she quickly broke into the local Top 10 ranking. In addition, TV 101 in Santa Cruz featured a live unplugged hour-long set promoting her new EP. 

In Spring of 2014, Teresa’s luthier, Ed Van Waes, introduced her to Engineer and Producer Tim Biedron. When the two started to work together, it all clicked. What was initially a demo project turned into a full-length LP - Reset Me.

Every song On “Reset Me” has a different feel and timbre, always powerful, filled with emotion and ready to grab you and pull you in. With songs like, “Driving Me Crazy”, “Reset Me”, written about disconnections, “Playful Games”, written in mind of climate change & her war drama epic “Aquarians”. 

“I compose my music with many different topics of life in mind, my goal is to inspire ”

 Teresa Topaz 

Website: http://www.teresatopaz.com/index/

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