Tengger Cavalry

"Reunion Blues is truly amazing. Their music cases are very reliable and grant us a profound sense of security when the boys in Tengger Cavalry go on tour! Thank you Reunion Blues! " 

"Reunion Blues takes amazing cares of our instruments. Tengger Cavalry has done 2 full North American tour so far and our guitars and basses are beyond safe."

Tengger is the name of the sky god of Mongolian grassland. Created in 2009 by the bandleader Nature Ganganbaigal, Tengger Cavalry blends overtone throat singing, Mongolian horse-head fiddle and other nomadic music tradition of Central Asia with heavy rock music, creating a unique music genre – Mongolian Folk Metal

Tengger Cavalry, or "the army of sky god", is not only a Billboard-featured metal band, but also a symbol of nomadic warrior spirit that connects fans from all over the world. With a mix of throat singing, Mongolian fiddle and Central Asian instruments, the band performed a sold out concert at Carnegie Hall and featured in CNN, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Since forming in 2010, TENGGER CAVALRY successfully completed two headlining tours across over 40 cities in North America, and performed at legendary venues such as The Marlin Room at Webster Hall and Whisky a Go Go.

In the studio, meanwhile, the group's output has been prodigious - to date, they've released five full-length albums, two EPs and numerous singles, including unique cover interpretations of classics. On January 22th 2017, Dave Mustaine retweeted the band’s cover song of Symphony of Destruction. On December 13th 2016, the official Motorhead Facebook reposted the band’s cover song of Fight. 

Current lineup:

Nature Ganganbaigal (vocal & guitar), Alex Abayev (bass), Josh Schifris (drum), Uljmuren (fiddle) and Robert McLaughlin (fiddle).

“How do you make metal heavier? Add some traditional Mongolian music.”  -CNN

“An internationally recognized rock band.”  -Huffington Post

“Expressive scene of pagan culture.”  -The Guardian

“A combination made in heaven, or, the spirit world.”  -MTV

“Ready to truly unleash Mongolian folk-metal on the rest of the world.”  -TeamRock

“They’re flying the banner of heaven.”  -Noisey

“Evoking the bittersweet solitude of a lone rider.”  -Chicago Reader

“Sounds bad ass.”  -Metal Injection

Website: http://www.tengger-cavalry.com

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