Stuart Ziff (WAR)

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"I'm a Sideman.  I’m proud and happy to be a Sideman, it's a long honored musical tradition."

"My new favorite gig bag " (Stuart on his new  RBX Double Electric Guitar Gig Bag) 

Born in Buffalo New York, Stuart Ziff's story begins like so many; seeing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan cemented his goal to be a guitar player and musician. Honing his skills in the bar scene and on the road in the United States through the 70’s, Ziff then moved to New York City to expand his career as a freelance musician. 

Ziff’s did what all sidemen do, sessions for various singer/songwriters, record dates, “casuals”, commercials, and various Broadway shows. He taught guitar at The New School from 1984-89. Vocally, Ziff was the voice of Pizza Hut Delivery television and radio campaign in 1991. Later that year, Ziff moved to Nashville to learn the craft of songwriting. He was rewarded for those efforts in 1994 having co-wrote the #1 hit “Thinking Problem” with David Ball and Allen Shamblin, and contributing his guitar work to those sessions.

In 2000 he moved to Los Angeles to continue his career as a musician and songwriter. 

Other artists of a variety of genres continued to record his songs, and collaborate including Eric Burdon, Teresa James, T Graham Brown, the late great Johnny Adams, and Gary Hoey. He has also had a variety of film and television placements. Since 2002, Stuart has been the guitarist for WAR. In 2005 he also began teaching at the MUSICIAN’s INSTITUTE in Hollywood where he has developed curriculum in Blues and Slide Guitar. “I feel grateful to continue to be a working musician.”


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