Steve Sinatra

"I was using Reunion Blues products for a few years before I became an artist. I have spent a lot of money on a lot of different stick and cymbal bags. I was trying to find the ones that were the right design for me and would also stand the test of time but was unsuccessful in my quest. When my frustration finally got the best of me I decided to pony up the money for the Reunion Blues gear that seamed so expensive when I bought it. Years later I can confidently say I made the right choice. I am proud to endorse these bags. Save yourself a lot of money and frustration and buy the right bag the 1st time."

Steve Sinatra grew up in Boca Raton, FL where his family introduced him to music at the young age of five. Starting with piano lessons as a foundation he began to develop his love for music. Shortly after he started studying piano he realized his passion for the drums. From ages fifteen to nineteen he began honing his technical ability at the drums gaining experience by working for many talents in the South Florida area. After graduating high school he attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA for three years. In August of 2006 he moved to Nashville, TN. Since then Steve has spent the last 7 years continuing to develop his craft and career becoming one of Nashville’s first call drummers. In that time he's toured and shared the stage with many nationally recognized artists such as Sarah Buxton, Pat Green, Julianne Hough, Richard Marx, Vertical Horizon, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, Joe Nichols, and Little Big Town. He is currently on tour playing for Hunter Hayes and also serving as his musical director. When Steve is off the road he is constantly in-demand as a session drummer, making records and collaborating with artist and writers all over the country. Through his work in the studio he has recorded with multiple grammy nominated and platinum selling artists and songwriters. Most recently his playing can be heard on Hunter Hayes- (Encore), Hunter Hayes- Live, Little Big Town- The Reasons Why, Act Of Valor Soundtrack, and Kate Klim- Kamikaze Love.

“I’m a stickler for products that are really well made, well designed, and are going to hold up after using a product for years day in and day out. Reunion Blues cases posses all those qualities and on top of that they look really good too. In some cases they even look better than when you bought them. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money now because there is a good chance that if you go for the cheaper bag its gonna fall apart and you’ll have to replace it anyways. I am proud to use and endorse Reunion Blues products” 


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