Stefan Norgren (Seventh Wonder)

”The Reunion Blues Continental is hands down the ultimate case! With Seventh Wonder we do plenty of international one off gigs where we´ll fly in, set up, play, pack up and fly home. I´ve tried it all: hard cases, suitcase type bags, soft cases and even towels and cardboard boxes (not the best idea, I´ll admit, hehe) but every single time something has gone wrong… the plastic lid will have cracked, the center rod will have bent from the weight of the cymbals, the belt/strap will have snapped, there will be cymbal cracks from insufficient padding, or everything will just be soaked through from being left in the rain by sloppy luggage handlers… But with this continental case, all that is history! It´s stronger, lighter, thicker, waterproof, holds more cymbals and can take one hell of a beating.”


Stefan Norgren - Seventh Wonder


Stefan is the drummer of Sweden´s finest progressive metal act SEVENTH WONDER. He joined them shortly after the release of their fourth album, the critically acclaimed ”The Great Escape” and immediately took on the task of learning their impressive back catalogue. Explains Stefan: ”When I was approached to audition, they were in a tight spot to find a new drummer since the band was already scheduled to headline the Progpower Europe festival, even though they were without a drummer. I wasn´t even looking for a new band at the time, but I loved the challenge of putting my prog metal chops to the test. I mean, I´ve always been a huge fan of drummers like Mike Portnoy and Simon Phillips, but until now I´ve never had the opportunity to incorporate odd time signatures and those kinds of complex beats in the bands I´ve been in. The second I started jamming with these amazing musicians it was like ”home” musically and I couldn't be happier”.

In addition he is also active in his other band FACESHIFT, playing various Swedish festivals and working on the follow up their debut album "Reconcile", which was released in 2008.

Previously Stefan has been the live drummer for well respected metal band LION´S SHARE. With that band he played most of Scandinavia as well as for instance Germany and the Netherlands in support of the albums "Emotional Coma" and "Dark Hours" and also performed in several of their videos.

He graduated from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in 2000. As a multi- instrumentalist he has since been teaching music classes, choirs, bands and drum students professionally.


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