Starr Cullars

The only woman to ever become the sole-female-musician/instrumentalist-member of Parliament-Funkadelic; and the chosen woman  named by Paul Stanley of KISS and Mark Hudson (Grammy Award-Producer); to be the "Queen of Rock!" today!

Such are the talents of Starr Cullars (pronounced Colors)...

Starr was one of the stars of VH1's "Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp, Season 2"; where she performed and bonded with Rock Industry Legends: Paul Stanley, KISS; Mark Hudson (Award-Winning-Producer); Sir Eddie Kramer (Engineer/Producer); Sammy Hagar, Van Halen; Phil Cullen, Def Leppard; Duff and Matt, Guns & Roses! Starr was embraced, endorsed and "crowned" a Rock-Royal-Becoming, by the Rock Legends!

The only female instrumentalist/musician to have ever been made a member of the Parliament-Funkadelic; being a member George Clinton's PFunk Dynasty gave Starr her major-credo-papers! Ms. Cullars has toured the globe performing and recording with PFunk. And later on Starr and her hard-rock-band, The SCC became an opening-act on the PFunk Tours. Also add this to the facts; Starr was first auditioned and seen by Prince first! Because of Prince's overloaded plate; Starr decided to be embraced and hired by George Clinton & Clan! Prince continued to follow her progress!

Starr is also a Theatre-trained, Screen Actress; who is currently featured and starring in two independent films. One is a documentary about the very few Black Women in Rock Music. The other a full-feature twisted-dark-romantic-comedy taking place in LA and Amsterdam, Holland; that is sure to be crazy and hilarious! 

The Starr Cullars Crew has been compared to Queen, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers; but the sound is definitely the band's own unique style, and worthy of the strong underground following it has developed. The Band is a serious rocket shooting through space...freeing minds and asses wherever it rocks and rolls.

With 3 CDs released and the latest release "Living Galaxy" is heralding the next tour-runs.The forth coming album will officially document Cullars' spin on the continuing legacy of rock. "Amazon-Oprah", the special-name that Mark Hudson gave Starr; is launching her own record-label and productions studio...Cosmic Nation Records & Productions! This is the expansion of Starr's vision and drive for her continuing career.


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