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Ron Jackson

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Ron Jackson is a New York jazz guitarist, composer, arranger, producer, recording artist, and instructor. Ron has performed and recorded in over 20 countries as a bandleader and ensemble performer, and is well established in the international and New York jazz scene. Ron's style of guitar playing and composition is a blend of jazz, and other American styles such as soul, rhythm and blues, pop... as well as Caribbean and Latin that is influenced by his roots of the Philippines. Ron is experienced in many musical idioms and brings it all together in his unique approach to playing jazz guitar.

Ron is considered one of the most versatile jazz guitarists in the New York music scene and is adept in styles such as African, Rock, R+B, Brazilian, Pop, Country, Calypso, Reggae, Soul and Funk, Classical, but his greatest passion is in jazz. Ron has 5 jazz guitar instrumental CDs as a leader, A Guitar Thing and Thinking of You on Muse Records, Song For Luis - a duo with Rufus Reid on Mastermix Records, Concrete Jungle is co-led with bassist Nicki Parrott on Airmen Records and The Dream I Had is on Roni Music.

Ron is an experienced jazz educator and guitar instructor. He is currently a faculty member at the of The New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Wells Fargo Jazz For Teens Program and The Brooklyn Conservatory Professional Division.

Website: http://www.ronjacksonmusic.com

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