Rik Emmett (Triumph)

These are such high quality, well-designed, rugged cases, they are - literally - the best lightweight guitar (and the attaché bag as well) cases I've ever owned.   It doesn't do them justice, to call them gig bags.   For a travelling musician, Reunion Blues is state-of-the-art.    

Lightweight, perfectly balanced, the handle & straps are ergonomic and comfortable:  compartments are logical & functional ...  The top considerations would always be protection and the promise of durability, and Reunion Blues is, quite simply, as good as it gets.  

But there's more:  there's style, and the aesthetics of Reunion Blues speak to me.  [ And this pretty much sums up the marketing phrase:  RUGGED, REFINED.  Yes.  Exactly. ] 

From the velvet interior to the quality of the corded edges ... I feel like I am putting my instrument into a case that quietly says to others, "This dude's a serious pro."   I also think I can hear it speaking to baggage handlers, security personnel, flight crews, and stage crew personnel:  "Respect the property.  There's no point acting like a luggage gorilla:  this case will only make a monkey out of you, anyway." - Rik Emmett

Website: http://www.rikemmett.com

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