Ric Hall (Buddy Guy)

"Touring can be brutal on any guitar. Through rain, snow, sleet, hail... I rely on my Reunion Blues to see me through."

Mr. Ric Hall aka "Ric Jaz" is truly an extraordinary example of one of the best musicians to come out of Chicago, He currently tours and performs around the world with Blues legend Buddy Guy. Ric's 30 year plus resume includes associations with a surreal list of Grammy and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Award winning artists like BB King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Carlos Santana, and Jeff Beck.

True to his versatile style, Ric has proudly served as the guitarist and rhythm section leader for The Dells (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame R&B inductee). Other R&B artists he has performed with include Jerry "Iceman" Butler, Bloodstone, and The Emotions.

Ric provides an impregnable rhythmic foundation and is eager to interject soulful "teeth gritting" guitar licks. His crossover style can magically transform R&B into a tasteful Rock shred at the blink of an eye. - Mr. Hall also operates a small independent recording studio, recording and producing local artists in addition to his own projects.

Website: http://www.ricjaz.net

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