Peter Stroud

“The RB Continental rocks! The only bag I’ll use for traveling with my vintage guitars.”

"Just received the dual bag. Wow…what a great design. Can’t wait to put it to use. Which will definitely be this fall when we tour the UK carrying bare minimum gear onboard our flights. Think I’ll be retiring my vintage RB canvas dual bag. ;-) "

Peter Stroud is an American guitarist, most widely recognized for his work with Sheryl Crow, who he has played alongside for over 15 years. He first hit the scene with 90’s Seattle singer/songwriter Pete Droge, has also toured with Don Henley and Sarah McLachlan, and recorded with Stevie Nicks, Shawn Mullins, and Dixie Chicks.

In recent years Peter formed the band, BIG HAT, releasing a self-titled and well received EP. Three of his Big Hat bandmates have now joined him in Sheryl Crow’s band.

Growing up in Greensboro, North Carolina and migrating to Atlanta, Georgia, Peter was heavily driven by the southern music scene. As a kid and budding guitarist, his early inspiration came from the British rock explosion, Jeff Beck and Texas blues legend Freddie King.

Along with his music career, Peter is the co-founder of 65amps, a manufacturer of premium hand-wired guitar amplifiers.



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