Nate Lopez

"I have a mahogany guitar that is fun to play but no fun to carry around. The thing is, it's an unusual guitar as well, a 8 string CH novax. Really hard to find a case. After hauling my guitar all over NAMM and trying every case out there, I found Reunion Blues. Not only does my guitar fit perfectly, but it's easy to carry and I finally feel its protected. I can't just go to the store and get another guitar if something happens to mine, so protection is paramount. Thanks Reunion Blues for an essential piece of gear."

Nate Lopez plays 7 and 8 string guitars which allow him to play both bass, chords, and melody at the same time. In addition to his Jazz, Funk, Blues inspired originals, Nate specializes in instrumental arrangements of popular classics by groups from Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, to Daft Punk.

"To say Nate Lopez plays guitar, would be an understatement."

- Curtiss Kim, KSRO radio



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