"My Reunion Blues RBX double guitar gig bag absolutely rules! This thing is so nice and sleek, super lightweight and the Zero- G handle makes carrying this bag very comfortable. I love the quality and sharp look of this bag, definitely perfect for carrying on an airplane or walking around town with your instrument well protected. The big front pocket is excellent for putting cables and supplies in. You really can't go wrong with Reunion Blues cases - they're just perfect."

Matt Sotelo is a California born metal guitarist/songwriter. He is the founding member of Decrepit Birth on Nuclear Blast Records. Formed in the mid-nineties, the band Decrepit Birth is known for creating some of the most extreme death metal on the planet. They have toured around the world, and have released 3 full length albums, with a fourth soon on the way.

Matt is known for combining the savage brutality and aggressiveness of death metal with the beauty and progressive nature of neo-classical shred music.

Matt is also a gear nerd, and loves to work on, and modify tube guitar amplifiers and guitars to better suit his style of technical death metal playing. 


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