Marty Sammon (Buddy Guy)

"First time I saw this incredible bag I knew I had to have one. It's perfect for my laptop and studio gear."

At the age of 15, Marty Sammon began playing on the Chicago blues scene with South Side guitarist L.V. Banks. Shortly after, Marty began receiving calls to play with many other Windy City musicians, one being Mr. Phil Guy, younger brother of the legendary Buddy Guy, one of the most respected and revered guitarists of this or any other generation. Phil Guy helped to expose Marty to a funky, heavy, soulful Blues language, and Marty ended up touring with with Phil and many other notable Blues legends for many years.

During this time, Marty met Big James Montgomery of the Chicago Playboys, who was instrumental in hooking him up with Otis Rush and, after 5 years touring with Otis, Marty got the call that changed everything. That call was from Buddy Guy and, to this very day, you can see Marty perform world-wide playing some of the most wicked keyboard in the business behind the Buddy Guy band.

Mr. Sammon is also writing and recording his own music and helping to produce other artists in his home project studio.


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