Luis Galang

Luis Galang, 17 years old, from Quezon City, Philippines. 

2017 Wilson Center Guitar Festival & Competition Rock/Blues Champion Wisconsin, USA

Luis started playing guitar when he was 9-years old. Has videos on YouTube that have been noticed and raved about by Steve Vai and Eric Johnson. Has won important guitar contests in the Philippines. He is in 11th Grade on a city scholarship at one of the Philippines top science schools. He believes that ever since he started learning to play instrumental guitar, his memory and learning abilities have improved tremendously as noticed in the significant improvement in his grades. So he is on a quest to be the best guitar player he can be to inspire other kids into taking up the instrument and benefit from it as much as he has. Luis will soon be releasing his first CD of original works in the first quarter of 2018. He is also part of a trio of 17-year old master musicians, suppahero.



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