Kevin Eubanks (Tonight Show Band)

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Kevin Eubanks is a gifted musician and prolific composer, winner of the BMI Classic Theme Composer Award. Kevin is also well known as the Music Director of The Tonight Show Band, appearing on the show 18 years (1992 - 2010). In both situations, Kevin has won over audiences with a laid back style and an affability that seems to belie the concentration and focus that have made him both a household word for TV viewers and a consummate guitarist.
His most recent CD ZEN FOOD (released November 22, 2010 on Mack Avenue Records) debuted in the Top Five on the Billboard Jazz Chart and is Kevin's fastest selling record ever. Kevin and his touring band, which features Bill Pierce, who holds the Woodwind chair at Berklee College of Music, and bassist Rene Camacho, continue to travel the country on tour. "It's wonderful to feel the music surging through you and touching people from the inside out. That's what happens when everyone is open and the music takes hold. What an honor it is to be invited into so many people's lives, if only for a brief melodious moment."

As one of the most accomplished guitarists of his or any generation, Eubanks has deservedly become known to millions through music, TV, and what so many artists know so well, "lots of hard work."



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