Josh Schifris (Tengger Cavalry)

"It's really a huge honor to be one of the newest additions to the Reunion Blues family. The cases provided are very slick and have a very smooth design. They are also extremely durable and protect your gear from almost any circumstance. I'm really excited and thrilled to be a part of what you have going on here.

It's really a huge privilege to be a part of the same equipment line as my favorite musicians. All of this could not come at a better time as I just joined the folk metal act Tengger Cavarly who are already pretty well known for being the first metal band to sell out the Carnegie Hall. It's a true blessing to be a part of the Reunion Blues Family."

Josh has been drumming since the 4th grade and has been gigging fairly heavily since the age of 17. Having formed Thrashole he has also played with Lesch Nyhan, and Entropy (Who are currently preparing for an LP release) as well as Tengger Cavalry. He has opened for legendary bands like Negura Bunget, Lich King and Philm

Now he has joined Mongolian Folk Metallers Tengger Cavalry (Who you may have read about in The Wall Street Journal, CNN or Noisey) and is preparing to go on a 22 date national tour and perform in front of hundreds of fans every night. 


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