Jimmy Ali

"I have used The Reunion Blues Bass Gig Bags for over 20 Years! I have also recommended to many musicians in the industry over the years about the Excellent Craftsmanship of this product!"

Twin brothers Jimmy & Jerome Ali are cutting edge musicians that have studied diligently & mastered the bass & guitar. After experiencing the musical capabilities of these brothers, listening to their music will take your appreciation to new levels. Music is not what they do, but who they are. Jimmy & Jerome's musical talent was a gift to them, and they love sharing their gifts with music lovers around the world.

The Brothers have a wide array of songs that they have written and arranged throughout their career. Read the bios & admire the photos on their web site, for you will soon be going on a journey, a musical journey of The Brothers Ali.

Website: http://www.thebrothersali.com

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