Izzy Rock

"As an independent Drummer i carry a lot of gear to and from recording studios and venues. Having played with Pretty Little Suicide and being on the road, I learned ways to take care of my drum kit. That's where Reunion Blues comes in. My snare has not acquired any dents or scratches. I simply love the bag! And with the awesome design and nice color you really cant go wrong."

A self-taught hard-working independent drummer with a quick smile, Izzy Rock came onto the scene rocking and rolling with Pretty Little Suicide. He has collaborated in the recording of a Christmas classic, Let It Snow, with Down Boys Records artist Scotty Dunbar and members of the hardrock band Burning Heat. Now with some major festivals under his belt along with an ever grateful attitude and memorable and bombastic performances, Izzy Rock is fast becoming "...a force to be reckoned with!" 


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