Heike Matthiesen

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Heike Matthiesen is one of Germany's leading guitarists whose virtuosity and spirited performance, coupled with a charismatic stage presence, are regularly highlighted by the press. Born in Braunschweig, she received comprehensive musical training on the piano at an early age and only took up the guitar when she was 18. About a year later, she started studying at the Frankfurt Conservatory. Pepe Romero, who taught her for several years, was the formative influence on her playing.

In addition, she attended a large number of master classes, inter alia with Manuel Barrueco, David Russel, Roland Dyens, Alvaro Pierri, and Leo Brouwer. Apart from her solo commitments, Heike Matthiesen regularly performs with chamber music ensembles and, since 1997, she has been closely affiliated with Villa Musica Mainz. She has appeared with Los Romeros and, in 2005, recorded a CD with the Spanish Art Guitar Quartet (Bolero, NCA)

Heike Matthiesen has performed in many different countries, including the US, Japan, China, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Iceland, Austria, Mexico, Switzerland and Bulgaria, and is a very welcome guest at festivals and in guitar concert series. She has had two recordings with Tyrolis, on Sol y luna with a Spanish-South American repertoire and Tristemusette, an internationally acclaimed portrait of Roland Dyens.

Website: http://www.heikematthiesen.com

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