Gus Drax

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Gus Drax was born in Larissa Greece and is the guitarist for the Greek Progressive Metal Band Sunburst and various others including Biomechanical and Black Fate.

He started playing guitar at the age of 14. By 19 his talent was noticed by John K, the vocalist/band leader of the UK Progressive Metal Band Biomechanical. John suggested he join the band and in August 2007, Gus became the new guitarist of Biomechanical.

Since 2007 Gus has toured in many places around Europe, including Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Portugal and the UK with both Sunburst and Biomechanical.

In 2010 Gus released his first solo album titled "In Search Of Perfection" which received huge recognition all over the world. Gus now also works with metal bands Sunburst and Black Fate, both of which have new albums in progress.

Apart from being an active studio and live musician, Gus also is a full time teacher, giving guitar lessons to many students all over the world.


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