Gino Solano (Emergency Blanket)

"My guitars have met their perfect match. Reunion Blues: You rock!"

Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Gino is a Peruvian rock and blues guitar player, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and lead guitarist for the alternative rock band Emergency Blanket. He's also a long-time member and founder of The Overdrive Ostrich Band, with whom he made his first live appearances.

Gino always delivers a good dose of blues and jam-band spirit to the Blankets: Its a pleasure and a dream-come-true to play alongside the people I grew up with, and who helped me become a musician. Being in THIS rock band is incredible... All I really want is to bring back a little bit of Jerry Garcia to our lives (Who wouldn't?)

Gino currently lives in Lima (Peru) and works as a session musician for other bands such as Kanaku & El Tigre and Pamela Llosa.


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