Gary Gand

"I wish that I could get you guys to make me a suit, then I would be impervious to all the stuff that gets slung at all of us musicians. My case works great, yeah I love it, I love it."

Gary Gand is the very essence of Chicago blues-rock. His virtuosity is the product of over 30 years on the Chicago music scene, both live and in the studio.

Gary has proven himself both on and off the stage. His musical instrument dealership, Gand Music & Sound has won numerous awards including Most Effective Dealer in North America in the categories of: pro audio, MIDI software and hardware, and recording.

First and foremost, however, Gary is a musician. His playing is respected in a town that is known for the Blues and populated by famous Blues musicians, including the likes of the Pistol Pete Band, Liz Mandeville, Donna Herula and, of course, Buddy Guy... just to name a few.


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