Garry Beers

As the bassplayer and founding member of international hit makers

INXS, Garry has had a lifetime devoted to what he does best - 

playing bass in what is regarded as one of the best rhythm sections ever.

His playing and sound has been an integral part of a band that has sold well over 35 million records, won numerous international awards and sold out Arenas and Stadiums around the globe.

Since INXS retired from Live performance at the end of 2012, Garry has been concentrating on songwriting in his home town of 10 years, Los Angeles.

2016 saw the formation of Garry’s new supergroup – Stadium.

Garry studied electronics and woodwork during his school years and has always been actively involved with every aspect of his bass sound. He has now designed, developed and Patented his own unique bass guitar pickup, the GGB quad, which will be released in his own line of custom basses in 2017.



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