Duff McKagan's Loaded

"My poor old hardshell guitar cases ...... they're so empty and lost since I got my Reunion Blues bags!"  Mike Squires, Guitarist, Duff McKagan’s Loaded

"For all of my professional rock life, I always thought a "gig bag" was 1) ugly and 2) unnecessary. That was until I got my hands on a Reunion Blues Double Bass bag! Not only does it look amazing, but it is built like a tank and has saved me hundreds of $ in airplane luggage fees. I use it religiously and so should you! Thank you Reunion Blues!!!  Jeff Rouse, Bassist, Duff McKagan’s Loaded

"I've never seen instrument cases with the durability and elegance of Reunion Blues.   I never have to worry about my gear getting dinged from plane to plane, truck to truck or stage to stage. When I hit the road, my cymbals and sticks get the 5 star treatment from Reunion Blues … “  Burke Thomas, Drummer, Duff McKagan’s Loaded

Duff and his gang have been building a sound full up with earthy ground and pound. Sure there’s an undeniable streak of the platinum level hookery and crookery that took Duff to the very top of the candy mountain. But more so, look for a trashing about with the likes of Johnny Thunders and Hanoi Rocks, rifled through with a cocked ear to what was best about churning hard-edged alt. and indie rock through the ’90s and noughts.

“What’s the motivation now?” is the multi-million dollar question one might ask the youngest of eight kids, an angry young punk who lived to see all his rock dreams come true. “Well, this is our third record, and man, I just think every band is in search of that perfect album or that perfect song – you’re still chasing it. It doesn’t matter. People will ask me, ‘ How come you’re still chasing the perfect song?’ And I think any musician, doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been doing it, is thinking I haven’t written THE song. Loaded are a good band, we like each other and we genuinely love creating and playing music and touring together. So those things combined… there is still a carrot out there and we’re pursuing it.”

And one can sense this enthusiasm in the heat-steeped grooves of The Taking. “Your Name” rocks and roils on craggy, dark chords, drummer Isaac Carpenter (new for this record, although he toured for Sick) laying down a bashing, infectious groove over which Duff (guitars/vocals), Mike Squires (guitars) and Jeff Rouse (bass) build textures inside of a melody that perches somewhere between Soundgarden and Voivod. “Indian Summer” conversely embraces passionate pop melody as the band strums over tribal drums during the verse, before kicking into a cloud-busting chorus potentially smashing on radio – this one recalls ardent obscurities such as Saigon Kick and I Love You, accessible rock but for the feverish and knowledgeable fan of song construction.

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