Doug Johns

"Gate Check: The two most-feared words for any musician who flies on a plane. I've literally got a room full of gig bags at home - I've tried every one - and the RB Continental is the only case that helps me laugh in the face of the dreaded gate check. ... I build race cars, and I'm always amazed when someone buys a $150,000 car but won't spend $100 on a fire extinguisher to protect it. It's the same thing with my bass - Why spend all that hard-earned money on an instrument and then not put it in the best travel bag there is? The RB Continental carries and protects my instruments and my peace of mind no matter how far I travel."

Doug's raw presence, energy, and all-around crowd-wowing prowess can be heard on numerous recordings and stages. Believing that a good musician surrounds himself with great musicians, Doug has had the privilege of working with such icons as Victor Wooten, Buddy Miles, Chuck Rainey, Dana Rasch, The LA Mass Choir, Grammy winning producer Aaron Lindsey, Steve Smith, and many others.

The culmination of these musical experiences led him to his first critically acclaimed solo CD, Doug Johns, released in 2006. Doug followed up his very well-received solo debut with his 2008 release, Pocket Fulla Nasty, and received an outstanding reaction from the bass community, as well as catching the ear of the general public very quickly. Bass Player Magazine on Johns: One of the most credit-deserving bass virtuosos in America, his inventiveness is consistently compelling.

Dougs newest release, Stank (October 2010), brings ten stank-funk tunes with returning artists Oz Noy, Kenny Anderson, Otmaro Ruiz and drummer extraordinaire, Chris Ceja. With fat slammin' horns, intimate, artful composition and beautiful solo bass, this latest collection is a strong, healthy dose of groove for your soul. Doug Johns and company are definitely guilty of the old adage: Put some Stank on it! Doug can also be seen on national stages with his two-man project, the Doug Johns Duo, featuring a stunningly musical approach to Bass & Drums. In addition to numerous clubs, clinics, and festival bookings, also look for Doug playing such events as BassQuake, Bass Player Live, Bass Slam and BassBash with a host of other stellar bassists.


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