Derrick Holman (The Monster Band)

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Derrick Holman is a professional drummer, session musician, teacher, and producer with more than 30+ years of experience in the music and entertainment industry.

Derrick began playing drums at Liberty Temple in Brooklyn, New York at the tender age of three. At age ten he joined the high school band which was rare for a child of his age. Derrick performed in a talent show in which Valerie McCoy, a chorus teacher who was impressed with his musical ability; expressed interest to the band director who later asked Derrick to join the high school band. Derrick attributes his sharp reading skills, exceptional coordination, and ability to perform any musical genre and style to his diligence when it came to practicing and his passion and love of music. In his final two years of high school, he began studying with percussionist, Derrick obtained his first steady paying job playing drums in North Carolina at the age of 14.He received both the Outstanding Musicianship Award and the "John Philip Sousa" Award for exceptional musicianship during his high school career.

During his college years, he performed in the Howard Community College Jazz Band under the direction of Paul S. and played in DC, MD, and VA for fifteen years, which gave him experience and exposure to performing / playing a wide variety of musical styles to include: Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Fusion, and rock. Today, Derrick has chosen to share his drum-set technical expertise through private lessons with children and adults who share the same enthusiasm and love for music. He has chosen to extend his passion for music to schools with music programs that could use his expertise to assist in building better and stronger musicians.

Church and Musical Attributes: Member & Drummer for Church of God and True Holiness Beulaville, NC 1983-1994; Drummer & Member of Church of God True Holiness Raleigh, NC 1989-1994; Drummer for First Baptist Church of Alexandria, VA 1994-1998; Drummer for Howard Community College Jazz Band Columbia, MD 1994-1996; Drummer & Member of Greater Refuge Temple Washington, DC 1994-1998; Drummer for Howard University Community Choir Washington, DC 1998-2000; Drummer & Member of First Apostolic Faith Church Baltimore, MD 1998-2002; Served as Youth Leader & Mentor for 10-12 boys; Drummer for Way of the Cross Faith Church Washington, DC 2002 – 2006; Drummer & Member for New Life Anointed Ministries Woodbridge, VA 2003-2009; Drummer for Group Promise 2003-2009 Drummer for Remnant Ministries Upper Marlboro, MD 2008-2009; Drummer for Loudoun Bible Church Ashburn, VA 2008-2010; Drummer for First Baptist Church of Sterling, VA 2010 Sub-Contract Drummer for Washington Talent Agency 2009 – Present; Drummer for Our Mood Swings Band 2010; Drummer for International Independent Artist “Taurus Soul” 2010 - 2013 Drummer for The Chris Collat Band 2010 – 2011; Drummer for Rona Rawls & The Brown Sugar Project 2010-2013; Drummer for The Monster Band 2011 – Present; Recorded Drums Space Hunt EP with Andrew Dunbar of the Monster Band- 2013; Performed with Pop Band “Full Circle” 2010; Performed with Pop Band “ENCORE” 2011; Performed with Blue/Rock/Soul ”The BobbyT Project 2011; Studio Recording The Chris Collat Band 2011; Studio Recording Gospel Recording Artist Tyrone Powell 2010; Studio Recording First Baptist Church Mass Choir 2010; Performed with Loudoun County Public Schools All County Choir, Concert Choir, Treble Choir, 7-4-5 Chorale, Jazz Choir 2009, 2010 & 2011; Jennifer Hayes - Gospel Recording Artist /2010; Played for Pop Artist Cynthia Renee 2010; Played for Gospel Recording Artist M'RENEE 2010; Played for Gospel Recording Artist Tanya Dallas-Lewis 2009; Performed with Gospel Recording Artist Vickie Winans 2009; Played for Recording Artist Rosanne Rosario 2006; Performed with Recording Artist Zedric Teague 2005; Performed with the Late Ron Winans 2002; Studio Recording-Seed of Faith Chorale 2000; Live Recording Church of Our Jesus Christ Lawrenceville, VA - 1997


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